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Author Topic: Feeling guilty after one pop  (Read 2868 times)

When I first started punting I used to feel guilty an odd time, I guess it is a catholic upbringing. One WG that I see regularly told me there is no need to feel any guilt and just enjoy the experience. I have never looked back since then. You are paying good money to empty your load into/on to a good looking woman, why should you feel guilt? The more you punt it will get easier.

I am almost 40 and more than 1 pop is out of the question for me, so I just book 30 mins, or 45 if the WG is exceptional. Any longer is just wasting money that could go on another punt.

Thanks for the 'nicer' replies and will put some of the advice given here to use. And for the 'less nice' replies, I'm sure we all been there.. no one starts as a sex god lmao.

Offline LL

While you might feel that it's me starting an argument, it's not.
Just scroll up and read the first reply to the thread. Yours.
I don't think this is the right place to discuss your moral issues. Man up, do the job, move on.
Most of my comment was in response to that.

Offline fishhead

I definitely have the guilty feeling that the OP has. For me the guilt about money. The feeling that before the punt felt like i was putting the money into good use but after cumming felt like it was such  waste and i feel like i could have the same feeling from wanking at home.  Now i get round this by only doing stuff that i may not be able to try with a civie eg. rimming or anal or BDSM

Offline DavidBrown

After the 2nd 3rd pop you will be just fine and having a ball

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