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Author Topic: Mistress205 Adultworks warning  (Read 995 times)

Offline David1970

This was on the Northeast section.
She is comming to Aberdeen
It was put on by Borderer on the 4/9/14


Just a warning do not pay any money in advance to this person she will rip you off. Paid like a fool £175 in advance I know stupid. Arranged to met at a travel lodge she never turned up no contact.
States she operates in Aberdeen and has feedback on website be warned tried to contact Adultwork to outline this they are not interested in this notification.

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Offline johncee83

Unlucky mate. But why the fuck would you ever agree to pay up front in such a way!

Online seeker

Let's all hope her fanny falls off  :lol:

Offline elihd

I dont know why people do this. I'm sure we all here have more money than f'ing sense as punting is not a cheap hobby! but some people are right dumbass! I am so sorry calling you this but Why the F*** would you pay £175 upfront!?  :dash: Thanks for taking one for the team tho  :hi:
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Another one who can't do the math £50 for half hour and £125 for hour?
These scam profiles always show flaws somewhere that should raise doubts

Offline berksboy

   I like this bit , Q. What gifts my a buy for Mistress    A. Expensive No GIFT Under Value for £100 will be accepted   :dash:

Offline James999

As soon as you see the word mistress or courtesean in a pro$$ies name you should walk away, a good sign that they have their head up their arse & intend to offer minumum service for maximum money, or in your case take your money and offer nothing.

Report the bitch to AW stating what she did, hopefully they will delete her profile.

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