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Author Topic: Kylie Louise - Nottingham  (Read 2746 times)

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Offline nottguy

Time - 30 mins
Fee - £60

I first saw Kylie about 4 years ago, moved on to try new things and never got around to seeing her again until now.

Arrived at her place, a nice house in the Wollaton area, all felt very safe. Parked round the corner from the postcode she gave me and called for the house number. Door was answered immediately, behind it I found a very attractive lady in her late 20s, she has put on a little weight since I last saw her but a lot of it seems to have gone to her boobs which are quite large on her petite frame but are still very pert when released from her bra.

Shown straight upstairs, sorted out the fee, turned down the offer of a massage and started to explore her body with my hands, no kissing unfortunately. Both got naked pretty quickly and I suggested some oral, I laid back as Kylie worked away with her mouth and hands (OWO but no CIM), reasonable technique and occasionally stopping to spit on my cock which I like. Moved into 69 then laid her down for RO and some finger fun whilst she wanked me, Kylie definitely came then suggested a condom. On with the jacket and she rode me to completion in cowgirl. Quick chat, used bathroom and left.

Overall, I left satisfied and will return. I think Kylie's services might be a bit vanilla for some but for me, and for the price, I can't complain.

2 review(s) found for kylie louise linked to in above post (2 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline RedKettle

Your review has reminded me about Kylie - not sure why I never posted a review as she used to be something of a regular.  Agree with your comments, spot on.  I drifted away as I think I got alittle bored, but she is a very nice girl and good value for money.  There is a boyfriend and I did find the chat about him alittle off putting.

wollaton? thought she was in lace market...

Offline RedKettle

she moved from lace market a while ago and was in a house near the david lloyd in nottingham (not the west bridgford one).  Not sure if this is what he means by wollaton.

Offline j122

Shame she doesn't kiss or she'd be on the hot list

Offline CoolTiger

Shame she doesn't kiss or she'd be on the hot list

Agreed. She would have been in my HL 5+ years ago, and would have had a visit from me by now. Shame.

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