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Author Topic: Most you have paid for a punt? / Most you would pay for a punt?  (Read 2134 times)

£650 at discounted rate. Went for an hour, then extended to 2 hours. Then overnight as her phone obviously not ringing. I discounted this in my own mind as local hotel was £150. Normally £150 is my comfort level.

Offline PapaSmurf

I contacted a cam model that offered £190. I'd gladly pay for the whole PSE with a familiar model. Wouldn't make a habit out of it though. But to answer your question, I'd round it off to £200 for the right girl.

Offline pleasure

The most I've paid was £150 for an hour, way above what I would usually. I wanted to see if it was true that higher priced punts really are better. She did turn out to be pretty great, but I'm still too tight to pay that regularly. £60-£70 for a half hour is usually my limit, and I've had some equally great punts in that price range too.

The most I would pay is a trickier question. If I could get everything I wanted from a punt I might go up to £200, but generally speaking I'd never go over £100.

I've never paid more than £150 for a normal punt. I have however paid £400 for a meeting with a female bodybuilder (yes, it's my thing) and have considered £200 for a more conventional punt with some of the ladies from maxes angels

Offline JamesKW

The most I have paid is £100 per hour/the most I would pay is £100 per hour

Offline broksonic

The most I have paid is £150 for an hour.   
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Offline oohisay

My regular punt is £120 for the hour, most I've paid is £140, but with little/no different experience.
Done a good number of £100 for the hour, which were generally just as good.

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