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Author Topic: How much  (Read 1709 times)

https://www.adultwork.com/2573702 or https://www.adultwork.com/ashley231991

Lists her charges at 15 min. - £60, 30 min. £100 and 1 hr. £180. AND charges extra for some services. I presume £9000 for an overnight is a typo on her part, or maybe not?

Think she'll be waiting a long time for her 'phone to ring.

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Offline aerofan5

Crikey, she looks just like SamCam!!

Offline Toshiba

Its a young kate bush but a bit fatter

No chance love, get real

Offline sentinel

She's got no chance at those prices, doesn't look anything special either. 
Banning reason: Fluffy dick

Offline greychap

There is no chance of her getting work via punters here at that price  as most posters on this area pay far less, but there is always people out there that will pay that it is just a different type of punter that will pay more.
Banning reason: North East shit stirrer who contributes nothing

What's unrealistic about £60 for half an hour?

Must have seen the light, or thinks punters Boro will pay more than those in Leeds???

Yesterday evening was £150 for the hour and £1000 for an overnight. Can't be exact about rates for 15 or 30 minutes but certainly more than they currently are.
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What's unrealistic about £60 for half an hour?

Profile in Middlesbrough area again; £50 for 15 minutes, £100 for 30 minutes.

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