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Author Topic: Travelodge Quayside  (Read 1667 times)

Offline tommyh

Apologies if this has been asked before, i think it has but couldn't find anything so here goes. I've got an meeting in the Travelodge this week, haven't been there before and really don't want to walk in feeling conspicuous. I've heard there's a side entrance but a quick look on google-earth hasn't helped so if anyone can help me out i'd be very grateful (go in, turn left , up the stairs kind of thing). Thanks, a review will follow  :)
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Offline themademan2

That's a bad hotel, u can't get to stairs without swipe card. Basically u will have to meet downstairs and go up together, due to security door
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Offline jock69

Travel lodges are not always the best places to do meets, i know costs come in to it, but usually with those hotels you have to have key card entry to go through the corridors or as they have them in place for security so you have to be staying there. You could get the escort to meet you near reception when you arrive that is one of way of doing it. If i book a hotel and have a visit i go for bigger hotels where girls can go straight up to the room.

Offline Doggz88

I've had a punt there you can access the lift without a swipe card so I assume most girls ask for a specific room to ensure that this happens.

Offline Prestige Escorts

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you can access via car park but need key card

Offline Toshiba

Sounds a right chew on and is the reason i wont use hotels for meets.

Offline sentinel

Some hotels operate a swipe card policy to deter this very sort of thing, as well as to keep out unwelcome visitors.

It is probably more prevalent in City Centres with the popular/budget hotel chains.
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Offline tommyh

thanks for the replies everyone, decided to cancel the appointment in the end though.
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Offline Karl123456

Why go to expense of booking room. When alot of incalls are are at quayide anyway?

Offline sentinel

I would only use a hotel if I was away from home and wanted an out-call to my place.

For local in-calls there are scores of escorts who have flats, apartments etc. and there's no concern with them about access.

Hotel Managers are well aware of the problems that can be caused by WG's on their premises and will do all they can to stop them booking rooms etc.  Quite understandable really.
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Offline mcb

The Travelodge on the quayside is great… if you like vomit on the walls.

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