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Author Topic: @Janet Joy Porn@-Enfield.  (Read 4730 times)

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i can confirm janet is real , actual janet joy ! the bad news is she is do bareback , i can confirm that , unfortunately i was drunk and i had a extra 160 pound on me , so i lost control and i offered that money for BB , without a blink she did except that , and we fucked without , in november , i did checked a group and she is no longer in the group , find her under @kitti 4 you@ and only as a erotic content provider , in london , i got some news why she's no longer in the group , what i heard group manager throw her out cos of that bareback situation , the fact is a group is very massive group , real girls real photos , good feedbacks , and other girls don't want to work with girls who do bareback so maybe the real reason is a BB , group lost one girl , but kept the other girls , so I'm not sure she's gonna show up again in UK but if yes be really careful she definitely do BAREBACK !

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