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Author Topic: Non-punting Plan B  (Read 2113 times)

watching sport or having dinner wouldnt cut the mustard if i had the raging horn!
i just pop into soho for a £20 blowie...

Offline JV547845

I don't think this thread is really relevant if you live near to Soho.

Offline dilettante

I often try to combine punting with other things, so if the punting doesn't work out I've still got a day out.  I find it works out really well, so you're in a way like all the couples who go out together, rather than just a loner.  Eg I've seen the same WG twice and been to a concert in between, and had a massage then been to a play, the following punt options all fell through as it was World Cup night, what a pathetic waste of fucking time.

Offline Cactus

I had an outcall booked to my place yesterday evening with an escort I've seen a good few times before but is notorious for being flakey & has stood me up several times.  Good punt though!

Anyway decided on an outcall so that if she didn't turn up then so be it and lo and behold she didn't, no contact to explain why, just no communications whatsoever.  I didn't take cash out the bank, had arranged to meet her down the street, where I would get cash once I knew she was coming.

I even cooked the prossie a lasagne.

Since the money never came out the bank, I used the £250 fee I was going to pay her to book a flight to Berlin and a hotel for 4 nights.  I'll spend my cash on punting in a couple of German establishments rather than flakey useless UK based prosies.  :thumbsup:

Offline jake_6969

Like the idea of a non punting plan. I've had a few let downs that have resulted in a panic punt, none of those have been any kop. I tend to punt for a couple of hours at a time but panic punts only go for 30mins. Then I go to the tackle shop and buy fishing tackle to cheer myself up! Next time I'll just chalk it up to experience and use all the £££ to buy more fishing gear!

Offline sam55

Well, with the current state of the punting market it seems I'm not the only one seriously considering kicking it into touch.

I really don't think I can be bothered much more with B&S, EE skanks, crap excuses, no shows, no comms, no kissing, no touching, no facials, etc etc etc.

A non punting Plan A sounds great.

Offline Argento79

Yeah.  I've stopped the plan B stuff.  If it's a very local girl I'll just move on and potentially actually get some work done.  Bit of a curse being self employed.  you can spend the rest of the day trying to nail down a plan b, c, d totally fail and achieve nothing of a day.  If the girl is more in town then yeah, cinema, lunch and pint combo is a winner. 

Offline leedsman

I might be a bit sad. My usual plan b is to do some furniture shopping, wander around architectural salvage yards for something interesting (I love those places!).

But having a plan B is great. A nice meal, and another treat, if it all goes sour is a great plan.

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