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Author Topic: Dirtyprettything. Stepney E1.  (Read 2153 times)

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Dirtyprettything is only the second prossie I have visited. Thanks to this forum and the thread about her below, I decided to visit her and I'm glad I did as she is great.


Previously talked about here https://www.ukpunting.com/index.php?topic=30375.msg425550;topicseen#msg425550.

I had a two hour incall for £230, yesterday evening.


Sashas flat is easy to get to by train. Fenchurch Street and Liverpool Street mainline stations are about 20/25mins walk away. By reading on her profile what Tube/DLR stations are near by, it is possible to triangulate fairly accurately where her flat is.
There is parking near by that is pay and display, free after 17:30. But there didn't seem to be any spaces on a Saturday evening.
It is busy around her place. Shops are just around the corner so there are people about. Her street is off a busy road so traffic is noisy. So it is easy to be anonymous on the approach. Once I was buzzed in on the intercom, and ascended the two flights of stairs. I found myself in her spotlessly clean flat.
The bathroom is small but clean, toiletries are provided, as well as  clean towel. Shower is good. The bedroom is again clean, a large throw is over the bed. There are bedside tables with lube, oil, condoms, a discrete clock, water and glasses. There is a floor to ceiling wardrobe with sliding mirror doors. It looks as though she uses this flat as a residence. It was warm in the flat.

About the escorts physical appearance and personality.
On her profile Sasha says she is 5'6 and a size 10 with 34DD enhanced breasts, this is all accurate. Pubic hair was shaved, it is listed as trimed but the prevailing trend is for shaved so that is what she provides. I would say she looks younger than her 31 years with an excellent body, her public gallery pictures are accurate. She doesn't look oriental, she is beautiful and attractive. The only negative I could see which might be an issue for some of you was a couple of small bruises on her legs. She was putting stockings on to hide them I think. Its not a problem for me so I told her not to bother with the stockings. She has a tattoo on her right arm, it's not a problem for me.
Personality wise I think Sasha is perhaps on the quiet side, shy, it was slighty awkward both times but once we got going she was very good. It goes without saying that she is polite. Conversation was good.

Arranging the meeting.

Both times I have made a booking I phoned Sasha and got though to her on the first call. Once I confirmed the time and day I placed a booking on AW. The day before the booking I confirm what she is to wear etc. I had wanted Sasha to wear a blue corset but that wasn't available so she offered me a choice of red or pink corset. I also asked for minimal make up which was agreed to, just wearing a 'base' whatever that is. In the event it looked like she had no make up on, and IMHO was all the better for it, she is naturally attractive.  On the day of the meet a text is sent to confirm the meeting. On the first visit she'll tell you her address on the day, then once you are nearby you phone her and she'll tell you the number.

During the meeting.

I arrived at Sashas and she was wearing the corset, underwear and had high heels on. She looked stunning. We went in to the bedroom and I paid her money then went into the shower together ( this was agreed to prior to the meeting). Then we started with french kissing, I did oral on her which was good especialy when she told me to use more pressure. She was responsive, she seemed to enjoy it. Then she started OW on me. I enjoyed it but I had a hard time coming. In the end I came after a prolonged hj with lots of dfk. So she definitely works hard. Once I was cleaned up and had a drink of water, I had a massage and Sasha suggested having another try. So after some kissing (kissing made me stand to attention every time) we had sex in cowgirl and doggy. Both very good. The bed was creaking in cowgirl but Sasha didn't seem bothered by this.
By now my time was nearly up. So I started making a move to the shower. Sasha wasn't pushing me to go, I had another glass of water and a chat. After a final shower by myself, she did offer to share a shower again but I declined, I had a quick kiss and headed off back to the Essex Riviera. 


1. Good comms.
2.Good venue.
3. Not afraid to kiss through out the meeting.
4.Reponds to directions, such as hj/OW technique.
5. Seems to enjoy herself, gets wet. And I'm no casanova.
6.Dosn't mind her body being touched/stroked.
7. Initiates services like kissing etc.
8. Good GFE.

None. The only warning I would give is don't visit if you are susceptible to EAS as she is good at GFE. A quick look at her feedback shows some fluffy punters.

I didn't try any anal or BDSM. I might in the future.

I will visit her again as a semi regular once every other month as I want to try other wgs and to avoid getting too attached :rolleyes:

With thanks to Jason, I used his sterling reveiws as a template.

4 review(s) found for Sasha-L linked to in above post (4 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline intana

did she provide owo or was it covered?

she does not offer OWO, she used to but now does not

Offline hendrix

she does not offer OWO, she used to but now does not

That's the deal breaker for me :(

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