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Author Topic: Daft Bint  (Read 554 times)

Offline Matium

You can read her entire profile and nowhere does she tell you where she's located!

How are you supposed to book her when you don't know where she is?


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Offline Matium

What I don't get about these 40+ year old women who charge £200 - £300 an hour, is why would anyone book them when there are younger, cheaper, prettirt and fitter women available at a much cheaper cost?

One of life's mysteries.

Offline AnthG

£250 is crazy prices but think its the genuine hospital nurse thing.

Plus she is taking a huge risk as if the NMC found out she will be struck off for misconduct. That is an unfortunate certainty as it has occurred before with the NMC.

But doing a google search of her email address brings up


Which states her working areas are

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