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Author Topic: lucyxofxleeds - anyone had the pleasure  (Read 1080 times)

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Yes mate I've had a go with her, and came away satisfied - you could do a lot worse for your money.
First things first she wouldn't exactly turn heads on the high street - don't get me wrong she's not ugly, just a bit mum-next-door. The tits are nice however, round and big and the rest of her body has a well proportioned curvy plumpness.
She is very up front about her work and very generous with her time and her services which more than makes up for her average looks. When I arrived she checked when my next bus back would be, which was quite helpful, and she agreed I should be off after 1hr 40mins, very generous for a 1hr fee.
Her profile is accurate as far as do's and don'ts are concerned, and is completely happy serving up through the whole time you're together. She realy goes to town with the oral and has no qualms about swallowing a load.
She really is a chatterbox which I found quite relaxing, but I guess some could find annoying.
Her flat is a bit skanky and the bed she works from really has seen better days, which gives the experience a sort of cheap and nasty feel, which again I can imagine some would like and some wouldn't. Let's just say anything over £100p/h would be pushing her luck in that place.
Overall I enjoyed the time as Lucy is genuine about what she does. Have kept in occasional contact since, can't say that about many working girls. If you want an absolute stunner or some girl who looks like she has walked off of Hollyoaks then look elsewhere, but if you want some no holes barred romping with a local lass who's well up for it then Lucy is very accomodating.
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