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Author Topic: Dogging  (Read 1110 times)

Offline B.B.

 I do when the mood takes me, do a bit of dogging. It can be very hit and miss, some times you can sit for 3 hours and fuck all, and now and again ,very suprisingly good sessions,  I went to cannock chase a few nights back, met a young couple,they started to get down to it , they then opened the door of their car ,and i was asked to feel her tits by the guy, this i did without having to be asked again, then they stopped what they were doing, and asked for cash to carry on!! I said no its ok and fucked off because it shocked me! Anyone else on here go dogging and come across this?
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Offline Tailpipe

No sorry never been dogging but , your post made me   :lol: :lol:

Offline B.B.

 It always makes me smile , when dogging, how when the guy is not looking, his misses always has to have a grope of your knob  :D

Offline yorkshire123

Don't forget to say hello to Stan Collymore next time you bump into him.  ;)

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Offline B.B.

 He was a regular at the chase,  I was told. :D

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