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Author Topic: Erotic Samantha - Gloucester Road  (Read 5179 times)

8 review(s) for Hedonistic Sammy (2 positive, 0 neutral, 6 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline Frenchguy

I was intrigued with Samantha's profile and in need of a good punt, given I had seen a few WG's that I was not too happy with. I stumbled across this young lady, wasn't too sure of the pics as they're not that clear, but decided to give her a go.  Decided on just an hour, due to a little apprehension on my part and because there is a lack of recent feedback on her profile.

Sent her a text asking for a meet, 3 hrs before I wanted to see her.  Didn't expect a reply, but got one back fairly quick saying she was free early evening in her apartment - 5.30pm - 5 min walk from Gloucester Road tube.  So, decided to go with it & made my way to the address - quite difficult to find without a map, but got there ok in the end.  Was in a quiet street, large house converted into apartments - Samantha's I believe was on the second floor. 

Received a text just before I got to the main entrance and was asked to be absolutely silent when entering the building (in her words 'quiet as a mouse') and walk upstairs without making any noise - I thought this was a bit odd; I agree discretion is important, but thought this was a little extreme.  Anyway, got to the second floor....was really knackered by then....door was slightly ajar, so I knocked gently and it was opened by Samantha (who I couldn't see at this point) who ushered me in quickly.

I was shown to the bedroom, £140 was exchanged as agreed for the hour, I was asked what drink I would like (decided on water), then she left the room for what seemed ages.  She was dressed in a black negligee and nothing much else...

I'm quite nosy in other people's houses - had a poke around, there was a cat bed in the corner, so it was clear there was more than one pu**y in the apartment.  A bit untidy, if you ask me.

Finally, Samantha brought the water in, we chatted on the bed for a little while about our likes and dislikes.  Wanted to know about the cat bed - well, I had to ask.  Yes, she has a cat and keeps it in the other room when guests arrive!  She is much prettier in person, definitely looks like her in the photos though and smelt clean and fresh.  She was quite distant & unassuming. I didn't think this was due to drugs (as in previous reviews) but more a culture thing - just my opinion, and I could be wrong. I believe she said she was polish.  Disappeared again for a while without saying anything (not sure what she was doing in the other room, so I asked - she said she was cooking dinner.  I could smell food, so it was probably the truth)She returned completely naked and climbed on the bed next to me.

Started with lots of body contact and she proceeded to unzip me for owo.  Started slowly at the top and worked her way down, getting faster & faster.  I had to ask her to slow down, for fear of exploding too early (I still had half hour left!)  Decided to switch and perform oral on her; she didn't mind fingering (I thought I'd ask first as this is a no-no for some WG's, and didn't want there to be any issues).  Samantha was pleasantly warm by now, both down below and personality wise, but still had an air of being in charge and of dominance and a little on edge, but not in a bad way.

Samantha checked regularly to make sure everything was ok.  I paid her a few compliments (as you do) and this seemed to relax her a bit.  I asked for CG, which she duly obliged as I wanted to cum in her (covered, of course).  I completed this successfully and we then relaxed & chatted a bit about each other.  Seems like from previous reviews, she likes to talk about other guys she either fancies or looking to date in her private life.  I offered pleasantries, but nothing more.  Just wanted to get in the damn shower, clean up & leave...obviously as quiet as a mouse!

Used the shower - plenty of toiletries and a towel was offered.  I was told to just leave this on the floor.  Samantha was keen in asking how I thought she was and did she perform ok for me.  Obviously, I wasn't going to tell her she was s**t (she wasn't by the way, she was very good - not fantastic, but good and worth the punt).

And then I left the way I came in....quiet as a mouse, of course.  Definitely recommend for an hour.  I wouldn't bother with anything longer, unless you want her life story...



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8 review(s) found for Hedonistic Sammy linked to in above post (2 positive, 0 neutral, 6 negative)

Offline Frenchguy

By the way, this is my first review.  I hope it hits the mark - I'll hopefully get better the more I do...
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Good 1st Review Mr FG - Some good points made - She says on her AW profile that all her 'Likes' are included in the £140 price such as A level and CIM etc - did you sample any of these?

Would you say she is genuine with 'All Inclusive' services as if everything is included including A level then she is VFM especially in Central London location

Offline Frenchguy

I didn't go for A level and CIM on this occasion.  She mentioned CIM was available if I wanted, but I didn't ask about the former.  But I got the impression that everything on he 'Likes' list was available.  She was happy for me to dictate what I wanted, rather than the other way around. 

I also recall lifting both her legs up in the air whilst she was lying on her back, as I was performing oral on her.  She seemed to like this....I certainly did!
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Pleased for you that you had a good time Frenchguy, and thank you for your detailed review. Would you say age wise Samantha
is mid-twenties or nearer to 30? Her profile inception was 11/2/2008, and currently states her age as 24.

Offline Frenchguy

I'd say mid-twenties..... her profile is accurate in my opinion.
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She was on my list for a while then when it came to searching a review on here she did not do well, confused now !  :wacko:

Offline mrhappypants

I'd suggest anyone considering reads the other reviews carefully before going to see her.

Thanks mrhappypants, I will pass I think. :hi:

Offline brolin_76

Serious time waster, few months ago I arranged a booking with her in 3hr advance notice and told me to confirm again 1hr before and called her no answer no reply to text. :angry:

Offline Maek781

I've seen her few months back,
Made the booking one day before and very easy to chat to,
text to confirm on the day and been given the address.
Stepped in the flat, honestly she look better on the picture than the actual reality
Got in the bedroom, confirmed the service and paperwork on the side.
She was acting very cold and the way she was talking to me and the way she was acting,
service very poor, she stated that anal is a speciality of her but was a very disappointing experience for me, she olding me backward and letting me very slow in almost impossible to even penetrate, and I consider myself as small to medium size,then I asked she doesn't like anal at all and she replied that I could have her pussy fucked fast, oral very vanilla, and no deepthroat at all.
Honestly very disappointed and felt like wasted the money and more important my time.
A complete waste of time

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Offline mrhappypants

Notice the OP is now banned. 

I have seen some reasonably cunning touting of this girl in other places.  Proceed with caution...

Online nigel4498

Notice the OP is now banned. 

  Proceed with caution...
I had a booking with her over two years ago but walked.
She was seriously off her head, drink, drugs, who knows?
but there was no way I was staying.

Offline dick78

I saw her a couple of years ago.  Nice body but a bit cold and distant.  The flat really ponged of cat wee.  She didn't allow fingers and was, overall, a bit of a disappointment.  Great body though.

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