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Author Topic: Oriental pick of the day  (Read 839 times)

Offline akauya

For those of you lovers of oriental girls I found this new one - "Japanese" Zoey

https://www.adultwork.com/2633146 or https://www.adultwork.com/Zoey%2DSexy

No idea if she s legit or not but her veri pic is on display...


Offline oohisay

Bareback, hmmm, & just about everything else as well.

She displays both "Bareback" and  "Pen Protected" on her enjoys list. Perhaps she means BB/OWO and NOT BB penetration?
I think it's a good idea (if not done before on UKP) to have a dedicated posting thread for South East Asian SP's similar to the
one on auto-censored?

Offline akauya

Bareback, hmmm, & just about everything else as well.

Shit, I missed that. Just as well I don't got for orientals  :cool:

Offline Quatro

I'd be interested if she wasn't south of the river.

Pretty sure someone else has ticked all those boxes for her and she doesn't do half of it (hardsports, rimming, etc), so not too bothered about BB.

She looks more Chinese than Japanese and probably a bit expensive as such at £140/h.

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