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Author Topic: advice  (Read 1844 times)

Offline nicelad8132

Hi peeps im not into the full shaved pussy are there any wg on aw that have abit of pubic hair? Many thanks  :thumbsup:

Offline nicelad8132

Its not the 70s full bush... landing strips. Brazilian etc

Offline denyason

12 yrs of punting, never seen a hairy bush, not even a brazilian.  think its a hygiene thing.

Offline jarrovian

Affectionate Hannah (aw north Tyneside) has kept some bush, but I Wouldn't recommend

Offline JoshuaNE

Frankie from NNE had a bit of hair when I saw her last year. Came as a bit of a surprise actually. It's been a long time since I'd had to move it aside and keep on eating. Nice girl. Great boobs. Didn't do OWO which was a shame. Hope this helps.

Offline sentinel

Very few escorts have any pubic hair at all, not even a little hint of it.  :(

It's something that I miss too as it can be quite attractive if it's been well manicured.
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Offline jarrovian

Poor service, could have been on drugs and a bit smelly down below

Offline CatBBW

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Hi peeps im not into the full shaved pussy are there any wg on aw that have abit of pubic hair? Many thanks  :thumbsup:

Click on the Search tab and choose your pubes length on the Interviews tab. It's a drop down under "Physical". Despite what many people think, there are lots of us who are 'Natural' (376), 'Trimmed' (875), or even 'Brazilian' (663). Happy hunting! :)

Offline nicelad8132

Yer i took a look at your review shame for you mate

Offline nicelad8132

Yer i know what you mean. Shaved bald looks wrong in my eyes a big turn off!  :angry:

Offline nicelad8132

Yes ive clicked on that and it shows 3-4 profiles ones that dont say ive asked one via email it got read and deleted so never asked again..

Offline namaste

Stephanie_rose on adultwork used to have a little bit of pubic hair not seen here in about 3 years though

Offline jonalpha

Been a few months since I've seen her but Rosie (NNE) had a neatly trimmed, light carpet of red hair. I think it was to show she was a real redhead although there is little doubt when you see her beautiful pale skin.

Offline Barry Shipton

When I saw Angel Yvonne in Scotland she had what they call in the waxing trade either a landing strip or a postage stamp (more like large letter than standard letter). It was during the Festival so she called it her Edinburgh Fringe.

She's back in Newcastle next week if you want to check it's still there.
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Offline alenski

the girl to see is of course tawny steele working out of walker she has a full head of hair and i should know after giving her head for 30 mins.

Offline jarrovian

Not anymore alenski, she's bald again

Not anymore alenski, she's bald again

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