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Author Topic: £90 per 30 min  (Read 865 times)

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Hi all are we punters to blame for girls wanting £70/90 per  30 min, are some punters paying this and in doing so encouraging the girls to think they can get away with this. I have been punting a long time in and out over 20 years and would never visit these girls when you can go to agency for a £50 decent punt. I'm not sure what goes through the girls heads that charge this and can't see how they can be busy? Maybe me I'm sure you guys will let me know  :scare:

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Id never thought id pay £150 an hr, but im gonna

We have a choice, its up to you n them, they will sharp drop when it goes quiet

Offline bigjim

i usualy pay £60 £70 but think that is too much  :dash:

i look for the £40 but never seem to get a good punt with them or there is extras


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I charge a high rate for 30 mins as it's just not really worth it as an Indie to have to go through all the faff of getting ready and staying in for just £50 so the idea is that guys will think 'Hmm well I could have an hour for not much more so I might as well get VFM.'
Of course it will put some people off who are on a limited budget but that's ok. I prefer to have the full hour to get to know a client when there's less rush.
So I guess I charge that much because I don't really do 30min bookings, but if someone wanted to pay that much then I would see them.
Obviously if you're working in a parlour then it makes more sense to have a lower rate for 30mins/15mins as you're already there and prepped.

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