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Author Topic: rocco type pse  (Read 709 times)

Offline intana

hi guys

currently i am looking for an escort who loves hard anal and is tight. she must also be alady who likes sloopy kisses and deep ones too. A girl who can get down and dirty.Physically she must be at least averga with a dress size 10 maximum. she must be willing to be submissive in my roleplay asl wee.

Do you guys have any recommendation.. i tried kdd but her availability is very limited.

Online hendrix

Gabriella at Maxes or Lia Amelia (Lia loves on aw now I think) would both fit the bill but 250 and 300 respectively. Both extremely good at what they do, I've seen them solo as well as with KDD and others and never been disappointed.

Rebecca More would also be a good choice if you wanted more of a milf.

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