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Author Topic: anyone know the whereabouts of these lincoln ladies?  (Read 423 times)

I know Lincoln is a waste ground when it comes to tasty ladies however I do remember a couple I used to see on a regular basis.
The first one was a young lady calling herself Sabrina. She operated from down John Street off Monks Road. Opposite the pub which at the time was called the Gay Dog I believe. She had dark long hair, a Mediterranean look about her. Very pretty with a fit body and she had the most amazing arse, which I used to worship. She said she came from Derby. I know she wasn't the only girl who operated from that address, I did see quite a few others there, but she was by far the best. Any idea anyone?
Secondly, this young lady was on Monks Road itself, opposite the bike shop and Millman Road. When I first saw her I thought she was just the receptionist, Her name was Diane, blonde short hair with lovely eyes and very attractive. I'm sure she came from Nottingham.
I was highly delighted when she came back in to service me. She did one thing that no other girl I saw never seem to do and that was she was very expressive with her mouth and face, pouting her lips and giving me filthy looks while sucking cock. She was very good. She operated with another attractive blonde lady who did domination but would not allow sexual service.
Any one got any stories, meetings or idea if they are still operating?? Cheers
Ps. Forgot to mention this was about 1998/1999.

Offline CoolTiger

Welcome to UKP.

Given the time length, I suspect they retired and moved on ages ago.

Put it another way, if they were aged, say 25 at the time, she would now be 40. Would you still want to see her now??? Even if you saw her now, would you expect your session to be just as good as it did 15 years ago?

Perhaps best to keep her in your memories/all-time top punts.

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