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Author Topic: Looking for advice MistressMmm  (Read 1874 times)

Offline tron

Hello all,

New here. Looking for a bit of advice on this lovely lady:


What do you think? Genuine? Anyone seen her?


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Offline James999

Profile says age 46 so she's probably nearer 60 than 40  :scare:

And the prices are way over the top, perhaps that's why she has so much time on her hands to type that boring waffle all on her profile, she sounds like the type who when you contact her or meet her she's dying for the opportunity to say "didn't you read that on my profile"

And on top of her overpriced rates she has numerous "Extras" a real parlour mentality  :thumbsdown:

I've seen MistressMmm and she is very good. Still looks good for her age and open-minded. My visits were a while ago and since then her prices have gone up significantly. We'll out of proportion considering the plethora of decent girls in the Herts area. She's very business savvy and must be getting punters who are willing to spend for her services. Alas I am not one of them.

Offline MistressMmm

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Hey, just jumping in here to say thank you Black Horse for the nice words... ;)

Yes I am expensive (although my hourly rate has only gone up from £140 when I first started 18 months ago, up to to £160?!) and I have no intention of changing that! About half the guys I see are re-visits which tells me I'm doing something (a lot) right!

Oh.... and I'm genuinely 47!!! I don't understand why women lie about their age on AW - surely the guy would just walk away??

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