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Author Topic: Ready-n-Raunchy - Motherwell  (Read 3181 times)

16 review(s) for Ready-n-Raunchy (13 positive, 2 neutral, 1 negative) [Indexed by Admin]


Location:      Motherwell, ML1 just off the M74
Directions:   Excellent, landmark on the right and off-street parking at the Medical Practice.     Building access control quick and easy.
Time:      60 minutes
Fee:              £ 120
Comms:          Excellent, text and verbal, postal code into GPS and arrival on time.
Venue:   Agree with “The Fitter” 100 percent, bedroom could be more tidy and organised, I was not there for MoD inspection just my short arm inspection which exceeded all expectations.
Service requested: GFE and stress relief   
Service delivered:   Awesome GFE and excellent stress relief, not a single drop left.
Arrival:                  RnR opened the door dressed in bra and panty, she is beautiful and attractive and certainly in her mid-twenties. Her AW profile is accurate. There is no way you can keep your hands off this woman, went through to the bedroom paid the fee on arrival and then went into carnal mode.
Foreplay:   RnR really does enjoy her profession and we kissed passionately whilst hugging, squeezing, feeling, touching and fingering. Her bra is easy to remove and those nipples were just the right fit to suck, lick and nibble. We spent some time getting to know each other and she is very responsive to delicate and caring touch. Her clitoris and vestibular bulbs are super sensitive to touch and it was not long before she had her first orgasm. Limp body and weak knees it was off with the dripping wet panties and on with the tongue-tip-test. Head between the legs whilst she gave me a head massage, was, I thought, a very nice touch. Some minutes later RnR took her hands off my head and joined the Flat-Earth Society as she held on to the sheets, deep breathing and tense muscles she squeezed my head between her legs and just held on whilst the waves of pure bliss washed over her. She relaxed a little and motioned me to change my body position so that she could demonstrate her “Heather Brooke” skills, which she did with great enthusiasm.
   Whilst I was enjoying her well developed skills in multi-tasking I was keeping her clitoris and vestibular glands fully engorged. In what appeared to be a seamless movement RnR produced a condom from under the pillows and placed this very expertly where it should be. Not the “look Ma no hands” but it was OK.
Main act:   RnR then rolled over onto me and without penetration moved slowly up and down rubbing her throbbing loins and thighs in places that excited both of us, as the tension mounted in both of us I could feel the ever closer mound of pubic bone and engorged vestibular as her clitoris moved up and down my shaft, relax, relax relax, breathe, breathe, breathe were all I could think of as our bodies became one as the moist warmth of her vagina engulfed my fully erect penis. Slowly but surely she lowered her body fully onto me, pubic bone on pubic bone and lent forward to fully embrace me, breast on breast, faces together we again enjoyed some passionate kissing.   Jockey, cowgirl and rodeo were positions most enjoyed and with A-spot, G-spot, clitoris and V-gland stimulation it was mind-blowing to have a joint climax where I was left with not a drop of energy or anything else left within me.
After glow:        Fatigued, but well relieved we lay and cuddled and chatted for awhile before reality hit home, 30 minutes to my next appointment and a 20 minute drive down the M74 did not allow for a second round.  Walking up the road to my car I was just able to put one foot in front of the other, arriving at the car I pushed the remote button and approached the car to enter the left (passenger) door, another reality check, remember you are in Glasgow not in Europe.
Conclusion:   Great visit, well worth having your brains scrambled. Please add 30 minutes slack time to your day as a second round certainly was on offer, never disappoint a lady is a Golden Rule! As 700 plus have read this review there must be “God’s gift to woman, or Penis of Steel, or Fast and Furious, or Rough and Ready, or Rocket in my Pocket or even a Pussy Pounder” who could take up the challenge and make a visit and then submit a review.   

16 review(s) found for Ready-n-Raunchy linked to in above post (13 positive, 2 neutral, 1 negative)

engorged vestibular,A-spot, G-spot, clitoris and V-gland?
Guess I've never thought of it like that!

Offline Tjkooker

Adultwork would be proud of that as a field report.
Banning reason: Outing and trolling a punter because he posted a negative about his favourite prossie. White-knight fluffy that pretends otherwise.

Offline JB1969

For a minute there I thought I was reading one of Taz's reviews but that far exceeds Taz's Fluffyside
Banning reason: Accused and highly suspected of being "DeliciousMsDee" prossie posing as punter

Offline JB1969

holy mills n boon batman!


More an exert from a barbara cartland novel
Banning reason: Accused and highly suspected of being "DeliciousMsDee" prossie posing as punter

Offline seeker

Actually  enjoyed reading that .
If she ever comes to Glasgow. ...

Offline the fitter

I have been back myself and would know change my review from Neutral to Positive the room has been cleaned up and is bright and comfortable, I think she must have read the review and acted on it. One up for UKP. :) :) :)

Offline Drillakilla

Think I have to google some of those terms!!!
Banning reason: Creating multiple accounts + Trolling

Offline J_H

Not quite sure whether this was an attempt at Cartlandesque 'heaving bosom' type racy narrative, or a consciously sly parody of Cartlandesque verbostiy but ... this is one for the top of my hotlist, no doubts about that.

Thanks for the review.

I sent an email the other day to enquire about booking her.

Hey there,

Very nice user name! Sadly I don't see people from the local area.

Take Care! x

My user name went against me on this occasion, the irony is that I don’t live in Motherwell and never have. :(

It’s a pity as she seems like my kind of girl.

Offline Flashbang900

I began exchanging some emails with her late last week and now her profile is gone and it says she is no longer on the site....

This happen to any one else?
Banning reason: Outing on UKE + aka sausagesupper

Offline tmq67

She's back on the site now... seriously tempted  :rose:

Offline Flashbang900

Well she was back on, it appears like she is gone again!
Banning reason: Outing on UKE + aka sausagesupper

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