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Author Topic: interesting documentary about foreign sex workers in the UK  (Read 737 times)

just watched a channel 4 documentary called Sex: My British Job, it was interesting to watch, makes me realise what its like for the girls.

here's a link to the video http://vimeo.com/79422324

Like for some girls. Always remember that.

It's a Nick Broomfield documentary, he's done quite a few. white separatists in south africa, tupac and biggie, fetishes, sarah palin.
He is known for his combatative style and stretching the truth. Not saying he did that in this doc, but he has form.

I do agree that all sides of prostitution should be looked at. It's the only way to know the levels of a market and how it really operates.   

Offline Toby

There's one on 4OD about phone sex workers, called My Phone Sex Secrets. Very funny stuff.

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