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Author Topic: jess1000  (Read 7413 times)

21 review(s) for jess1000 (20 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

looks and proportion how do they match up ?

twins gota get some of that action

Her AW feedback is blocked. Has she turned scammer?

Looks as though she has received 2 negative feedbacks. Many possible reasons, can only say I never had a problem in 3 visits.

Offline de1999

Had anyone seen her recently?  If so any problems.?

Did anyone see the 2 negative reviews mentioned above as her feedback is blocked.

I believe someone else is now using that profile

Offline OscarC

I believe someone else is now using that profile

So does that mean she has retired/left the scene?

Offline Mansell

Might be her sister, who I think she did duo's with ?

Feedback visible again, negatives for no shows. Either read, or told about this and other thread?

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