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Author Topic: Victoria Gray  (Read 1155 times)

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Offline RedKettle

www.adultwork.com/310940 or https://www.adultwork.com/Victoria%5FGray

I visited her a few times although the last visit was at least 6 months ago - I did not post review before because she had quite abit of coverage on UKP but having read a few threads on reviews I thought I should put one up.

She is a more mature WG and I think (surprise surprise) that the 38 on her profile is perhaps optimistic.  Pretty sure the photos are accurate.

Location is a flat in West Bridgford (south of Nottingham) in a good area and plenty of safe parking nearby.

She has had some flak on here for her boobs.  I may be less fussy than some but I thought they were OK, functional enough but I agree not the best.  Overall her figure is OK, I have had far far worse but plenty better as well.

No OWO.  I went for covered oral, some playing with those boobs and then she jumped on top, which was OK but I never felt like I was going to cum.  Finished with a HJ. 

I said that her boobs were functional and I think that probably sums up the whole experience, it gives you the relief you need but is not an experience that you smile about afterwards.  Also there were times when I felt that she was keen to get away and after a half hour booking I realised that only 20 minutes had passed since I left the car!  It is a shame because she is pleasant enough company.

For me the positives are location, it is convenient for me, the price at £50 for half an hour and the experience gets the basic relief done.  However the negatives are the functional feel, the clock watching and the absence of OWO.  I did not have the experience of being offered the older woman that others referred to.

For me she will be a Plan B that I will resort to if I cannot get hold of one of the better WGs.

1 review(s) found for Victoria Reeves linked to in above post (0 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline CoolTiger

Just seen this review on Victoria Gray.

I recall his girl, and can't remember what name she was using before Victoria.

However, she has been around for ages and a few years ago she/her pimp submitted fake FRs on her on another site. She was subsequently found out and banned from there.

AFAIR, she is/was on the No Report List.

I saw her about 6/7yrs ago & can't remember her previous name either, was okay but never went for a repeat visit which says it all really. She's bid on the 2 occasions when I've put a reverse booking on AW @ £100/hr.

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