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Author Topic: miss_leroux  (Read 1897 times)

miss_leroux has come to Ayrshire any info guys I'm thinking of going balls deep with her as we don't get much choice down here.

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Offline RandyF

WTF is she doing in Ayrshire  :bomb:

Ah mind you, just seen her gallery and she's a tubby GILF. The main profile pics looked not to bad, initially.
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 Type 6 digit AW no (ie 718485) into UKP search box.
There are 3 thread posts to look at

Thanks sent her a message hopefully she's available :D :D :D :D

Offline Queynte

I met her for a quickie 3-4 yrs ago. Her figure is fabulous but make up is caked on and looks not great. However personality was fab

I met her for a quickie 3-4 yrs ago. Her figure is fabulous but make up is caked on and looks not great. However personality was fab

same here, met her a while ago, great body but looks were not what I was expecting, I think shes south African if my memory is right.

Offline Matium

She's a GILF - a grandmother at 40 !?

I shudder to think what kind of life she's had.

Offline Queynte

I believe she is South African but lives in London.

Offline rpg

Decent enough punt. OWO and CIM no problem but I can guarantee she won't facially look anything like the picture you have in your head.


You can see almost her whole face here she looks ok in this pic?

Are the pics of her body accurate?

Offline Queynte

Yes apart from she is better looking in that photo than real life

I'm getting worried that she is a right Munter looks wise.... Marks out of 10 for looks?

Offline rpg

Yes I'll agree with these marks. Taz, I thought about seeing her for ages before I did and that was the pic that made my mind up. Believe me it's misleading to put it kindly.

Offline Tjkooker

Looks 2/10.

Taz even you would be hard pushed to rate her as a 5 never mind your usual 10.  ;)
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She was an awful looking thing, looked more like a thai bird to be honest, lots of freckles, no bad body but i thought she looked fugly

Offline here4fun

I had a punt with her ages ago. 

She's got a couple of freckles that are almost green; quite off-putting, I found it. 

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