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Author Topic: Mr Floppy  (Read 2263 times)

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Two weeks? That's a big ask   :scare:
No it isn't - ask Bigus Dickus who reckons he's stopping punting
Yeah right !

Offline Corus Boy

I think that the girl has a great influence over the outcome.  I had the most monumentally shit HJ & shag a while ago.  Started off OK & it went rapidly downhill. Was quite alcohol fuelled and in this scenario i lost interest.  Whereas with a willing girlie then its the other way round.  The alcohol effects seem to evaporate
Would love to have a play with your Thai lady !

Long gone from the business  :(

Offline Ben4454

What happens is when we masturbate to porn too much our brains become wired to that. Think of like this... when you were very young and never had access to porn you could masturbate without any visual simulation. As you got older and masturbated to porn your brain needed some visual simulation to get a lot of pleasure from it. Same with real life women and porn.

Another factor is masturbating using the death grip. Your private parts become accustomed to this  tight grip and when you have sex with a real woman you go soft because your dong prefers something tighter.

I used to have this problem a lot on punts till I cut out the death grip and porn.
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