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Author Topic: XXX CHARLOTTE XXX- Castleford -Avoid  (Read 5541 times)

3 review(s) for XXX CHARLOTTE  (1 positive, 0 neutral, 2 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

i called charlotte in the morning and confirmed the booking for 5:00 today and she told me to text her in the afternoon to confirm the booking.  so i texted her in the afternoon.on the phone i asked her for a a address and she didnt give me it she said park the car near the bus station in castleford i have a flat near there. so at 5pm i was there i parked my car and rang her it rang but no answer i kept on ringing until 5 :45 but still didnt pickup. i also sent text messages but no reply. i had travelled 30miles to visit her and she just wasted my time and fuel. this is the second time this has happend with her last time around 6months ago i phoned her the next day off a different number and she said she couldnt see me as she had family problems. i thought id give it another go today afterall she has over 240 positive feedback but i was been disappointed again. i would try to avoid her at all costs and she is just a timewaster

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3 review(s) found for XXX CHARLOTTE  linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 2 negative)

Offline yorkshire123

Sorry you had a bad one. Hope your next one goes well  :hi:

The negative review from wrist job would be enough for me to give her a miss https://www.ukpunting.com/index.php?topic=21931.0

Plus a very old quote from softlad would seal it.

I saw this one about three/four years ago.
Even though the photo's are shite they flatter her...
In the flesh she is short and dumpy.
The place she works from is a shit hole, and back then she had a sofa bed on the floor to perform on.
Not my type at all.
Service was at best very average.
As you say she is cheap for a reason, looking at her feedback plenty seem easily satisfied.
Not one I'd go back to, at any price.
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Offline Iblisuk

I saw her about 5 years ago and she was very average then left after 30 mins.
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Offline arty45

Sounds like you had a bad experience. I saw Charlotte last week and fortunately for me all went very smoothly. Really nice girl and hope to see her again soon. Hope you have better luck next time.

I had exactly same experience,, rang and arranged appt. parked and phoned again. she didn't reply to several calls made over the next 40mins left a polite message and sent(anyone can have have sudden problem crop up) polite email asking why no show no response received back. I hate bad manners and recommend avoid this woman unless you don't mind wasting time.

Offline Lijunwei

trust me ive seen her and its not worth the wait..the place is rather shabby to put it politely and shes way below average which reflects in the price

Offline stevedave

I've been tempted by her for years, when I go through my punting phases...never actually booked her though. I always kinda thought her prices were too good to true, and it made me wary

Seems I was right!

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