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Author Topic: Frustration.  (Read 525 times)

Offline Boom52

That annoying feeling when you only have a small window of opportunity...a part of your anatomy wants to come out and play...but the people you want to play with are either not working or only free 3 hours after your window closes!!

Fortunately - I have managed to avoid a "punt with anyone at any cost" syndrome and have resigned my self to going home and waiting until next week!

I always have the match tomorrow to look forward to .....oh shit!!!

Well I feel better for getting that off my chest!!

My cock is pissed off with me though!

Offline Phantom

Hahaha you read my mind.

Same thing happening to me right now. Fancy arranging a booking and everyone is not working today.

I usually find that what I'm willing to pay will increase until I get distracted online and no longer need to punt :(

Offline denyason

toss yaself off watching some porn....tension and itch will be gone.....still got money in ya wallet too.

Offline dino1990

both diamonds and amour have some girls working today that I would have a cheeky 30min punt at.

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