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Author Topic: Sonya94 - She can't be bothered, you shouldn't either  (Read 1914 times)

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Offline TheOracle


Sigh. After a (small) series of successful punts, and in particular three consecutive ones with that sweetheart that is Denisa Doll, I somewhat ended up convinced that I had a magic touch in choosing possibly underrated working girls, and this lowered my judgement, so when I saw this:

I booked for a early morning session without checking too many details (in particular the services offered...).

I originally booked at 10am because she told me she starts working at that time, but she then texted me to move at 11.30, saying the cleaners would come in the meantime (she works in a popular apartment block near South Kensington from where lots of WGs seem to also operate). This is indeed true: when I arrived there were various flats under servicing, and a couple of teams of cleaners going around. Potentially a little embarrassing, particularly when I left, but who cares.

Communication by phone and text was acceptable, she gave early directions minus flat number, and sent the flat number early enough not to make me think she wanted to waste some time at the beginning of the scheduled time.

When she opened the door I was a little underwhelmed: while she is a cute girl (7), I was hoping her was a case of "looks better in the flesh", and would actually be as sexy and intriguing as she is in the pool picture, and less as, say, in this picture:

which, unfortunately, turns out to be a better representation of how she looks. She has that kind of dumb, always annoyed stare, and in addition she doesn't actually smile a lot, which is one of the reasons why she looks better in the pictures.

Also, while her profile states she is 5'8" (172cm) that is a massive lie: she is no taller than 165cm (get used to metric, FFS ;) ), possibly even a little less. This was the biggest disappointment at this point: from a few of her pictures she looks a lot taller and slender than she actually is. While she undoubtedly has a very good body (8), with large natural breasts (10), firm and round with small nipples, and good, small to medium size ass (8), she is more of a girl-next-door type, as opposed to the drop-dead, OMG-I-can't-believe-I'm-going-to-have-sex-with-this-person perfection of said Denisa (9 all-round), or of that absolute extra-terrestrial divinity that I met in another country (10, my God, 10+).

To make a long story short, she "welcomed" me with a very faint smile, a vaguely sleepy look, no kisses or anything. I don't even remember what she was wearing. I quickly paid for an hour, stupidly silencing my mental alerts that were telling me to downgrade to half an hour thinking "she must be the kind of girl that slowly warms up to you".

First thing she did, she tried upselling me for a threesome with her sister. I'm not into threesomes (too much waste, I like to concentrate on a single person and get to a really good connection with her), so I said "no thanks, two women are too many for me) and she looked annoyed. She insisted "why you don't want? she good!". Well, as a matter of fact I've seen her pictures and I don't even like her (I didn't say that), but in any case I didn't have a lot of money. She said "but price is not the same!", "well, I only have 30 pounds" "you don't have 50?" "no, sorry". OK, that means they would do 1hr threesome for 160£ (I stupidly paid 130 for the hour, she is worth 30 for a 15-minute quickie on the road side, max), if you're so inclined. I'm pretty sure they'd waste time like crazy.

She quickly pointed at the bed saying something like "there!", when I asked to take a shower (I had biked in, she didn't seem too concerned about me being clean or not, which in retrospect was another bad sign). She looked mildly annoyed, and told me "go on": I went to the bathroom and noticed there were no towels except a couple of used ones so I asked for a towel. She looked DEFINITELY annoyed, made a couple of gestures with her hands as if for saying "wow, what a demanding guy!", then finally handed me... a damp towel.

I got undressed, during what she was peeking, and looking at my cock said in a somewhat annoyed way "ah, you have big cock?". That instantly embarrassed me, so I spontaneously covered it with the towel, at what she almost aggressively replied "no, let me see. I want to see!". Really annoying.

After the shower I got on the bed, and she asked if I wanted a massage. I thought "OK, maybe this will help her get in the mood": her "massage" consists in her twiddling a couple of fingers over your back, and sporadically rubbing it with the flat, hard hand moved hastily up and down. Totally shitty (2). OK, I thought, let's get to it. We started caressing (she doesn't know how to touch a man, and I had to tell her to move her hands towards my genitals... she seemed surprised ("ah, you like handjob?") and... BIG DISAPPOINTMENT: idiotically I hadn't checked FK was on the menu... and it isn't! Actually not even "K" is on the menu... "sorry baby". Yeah, fuck off.

I got down on her and she seemed to enjoy. I reasonably did as well, even though she was undoubtedly not perfectly fresh (she surely had not showered right before the meeting): not stinking, but not perfect either (5). Still, she didn't get particularly wet (although that came later, during the act). After a while I wanted to move to 69... and pop she pulls a condom and puts it on the shaft. She pretended not to understand the question when I asked about OWO, and eventually plainly said she doesn't do it (it IS indicated on the service list). Fuck her again. Decent BJ and 69 (7), although at some point she started using hands too much in a blatant attempt to make me come before penetration (I wasn't too worried at this point, though, given I had an hour...).

On to missionary, and this is the only part I enjoyed. She asked me "do you like slow or fast? well, maybe fast later because you're big", so it was slow and intense. She had cooked me reasonably well, so I didn't last long, but for the few minutes this lasted it was hot: she got quite a bit into it, and while she wasn't kissing me on the mouth, she was kissing me all around (face, neck, shoulders), she got quite wet, and I could feel her body changing, her pussy opening wide and relaxing. No fake moans, no bullshit, this was quite good (8).

"OK, I thought, there's potential for the second round". I figured with it lasting longer and the pace getting steamer I could get her to kiss me. 5/10 minutes of absolutely bland chit-chat, during what I realized that something I had appreciated in my recent punts was that the women were all pretty smart and pleasant to talk to. Still, she started talking about a couple of personal experiences (drunk people calling her at 3AM, her being asleep but still answering because "money is good for me" and they asking for a 15 minute punt...), all the while applying her signature "mechanical hard hand rub" to my chest, with me thinking "boy, let's hope this finishes soon". She is quite unpleasant to talk to, she keeps giggling for stuff that is not funny, and answering with a bored tone to most questions.

After a while I got into the mood again, and went briefly down on her and then she said "OK, now I do BJ to you". No, thanks, I want to give you a good hard pounding. She said something confused I didn't understand, and went straight to 69. OK, if you really feel like it. After a while I was ready to get into it.... and BAM she says "No, I only do sex once, second time is only BJ". WHAT?! "Sorry baby". I got instantly furious, and started moving away while she was still grabbing my cock. She acted extremely surprised, and started saying "you don't like BJ? sorry baby I only do sex once! but I do good BJ!". I said I will never come with just a BJ as a second round, and in any case that's not what I'm paying 1hr for. Her answer? "but maybe you come later! I go on long!". "No, thanks". "Sorry baby". And then, seeing I was evidently mightily pissed off, a plethora of "are you OK? sorry baby. Are you OK? sorry, sorry baby", while I was fumingly quickly re-dressing myself without speaking, longing to get out as soon as possible.

I rushed out, with her following me still repeating the same mantra, feeling disgusted by the whole thing, at a point that suddenly made me rethink about why I do this. I felt dirty, used, maybe even polluted by something bad, either spiritual or physical (let's hope not). I tried to remember the sense of bliss that a good meeting can give you, and the fact that it's actually more frequent than this, but the burning sensation I was feeling made me question if it's worth allowing this dark side of my character to exist altogether. It probably isn't, and a night sleep didn't bring much relief: I still feel as if I had swallowed mud, and that meeting Sonya94 was one of the worst experiences I've ever had.

Avoid, for god's sake, avoid.
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1 review(s) found for the service provider linked to in above post (0 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Thanks for the detailed review and commiserations that it was a shockingly poor experience, to which I can fully relate to
(reminded me of the bad old days of WG cards plastered on phone booths in Central London circa 1990's and some dire agency
punts during the noughties).

I would advise for now to take a breather/pause for now to allow you to gather your thoughts, as understandably you are
feeling aggrieved and mightily peeved about being conned by this WG. You have posted a review reflecting your experiences,
allowing others to make an informed decision about visiting or not. If she continues like this, she'll be out of business asap
and thus you can take some satisfaction from that.

From personal experience, what I tend to do after experiencing a dire punting session, is just switch off from the punting scene
and do something completely different, and accept that what happened was in itself a learning experience. This helps to gain
perspective about what took place, and also how to avoid the same pitfalls again for future punting pursuits.

Better luck next time,


I personally believe that over the last cold war years Nicolae Ceausescu had bred all the fun and happiness out of the Romania race and thus they are the most miserable eastern Europeans I have ever met.I believe misery is in their dna,of course exceptions.They also take us for mugs and sadly you were had.I also recently wrote that I also am sick of the sleaze and filth. My advice is either stick with a good one that has proper services including towels etc. Or give it a break and go out for a posh meal with the doe or something else you like such as concert or track day. The whole scene is becoming a piss take more often than not.I am reading it more and more here also.

Offline andyrou

Great detailed review and many thanks for taking a bullet for all of us. Just a thought but you can see how we all get reeled in and think with our balls, because looking at her pics and the ones with her (supposed) sister, they look good enough to F**K?

Well done on walking after 1st Phase and remember keep the faith, even the most experienced punters get caught out now & again.

Offline tonysoprano

Good review mate. They are gorgeous looking girls and i'd definitely be tempted by the pics.

I like to take a chance on underrated EE WG's as amidst all the rough you sometimes find a real diamond. It does seem to be getting harder and harder to find them though. When you do they tend not to stick around long, either moving to another part of the country or going back home.
Banning reason: Troll

They are cunts if you ask me. I would rather have a wank than give my hard earned to Romanians they are pond life.

Offline mrfixit37

Got no time for em no matter how supposedly cute they are

Romanians :dash:

Offline andyrou

Wow! Quite a few Eurosceptics around then? Ha Ha  :P
Its great when you do find a gem BUT frustrating sorting the Chaff from the wheat, that's why UKP is a must.

Online Jimmyredcab

She looks cute enough ------------------- but why spend £130 on a Romanian, I would rather play with the traffic on the M25, it would be less risky.   :thumbsdown: :thumbsdown:

Offline random

Although the reviewer does mention three very good punts with Denisa Doll who is also Romanian and more expensive.

Offline TheOracle

Although the reviewer does mention three very good punts with Denisa Doll who is also Romanian and more expensive.

Yeah, to be honest I don't like the constant bashing that Romanians get on UKPunting lately. It's borderline racist most of the times, and fully racist pretty frequently. It's surely true that there's a lot of scammers and bad girls out there from Romania, but it's also undeniable that lately they seem to constitute the majority of WGs around, so inevitably they'll also provide the majority of bad experiences.

Anyway, my experience over the years is that Romanian girls tend to be by far the most beautiful (on average), and while they can be a little cold, it doesn't take a big effort to create a connection with them, and eventually have a great time. It's not always true, as sadly this review shows, but for me it's been true quite a few times, and not only in England.

As I said, I saw Denisa Doll three times in three months, and she was always great, and not only as far as sex is concerned: I really thought she was a really nice person. Other examples: I had another meeting with Dalia19 that was pretty good, some time ago, nothing like the shit experience with Sonya94, and people have been saying very nice things about this girl: https://www.adultwork.com/2449952

I also suspect that given the bad rap they get, a lot of Romanians are going for Hungarians, nowadays, and people might be having a good time with Romanians without realizing! ;)

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