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Author Topic: erotic lola - tower bridge - lied on services  (Read 1617 times)

9 review(s) for Lovely Cy. (4 positive, 2 neutral, 3 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline marco.f

After having read some positives reviews on her, I text Erotic Lola:


After sending her some texts, asking for location, etc etc, I *explicitly* ask her "can you confirm you do provide OWO and DFK?", and she promptly replies me back "yes". So I book and ask for post code, and she texts me back the location and from the map I see it is closer to Tower Bridge rather than London bridge as advertised on her profile (actually, it is something more than 5 mins walk from London Bridge tube).

When I finally find her "mansion', some other texts are sent and received for the exact address, then I ring the bell and enter the flat (the location is on the main road, but when I was there, no one was there, so from a privacy point of view it's OK). Another girl opens the door, who is like a maid but looks like a regular one, not like the usual ugly maids, probably another of the girls working there. We go to a bedroom and this is our dialogue:

Maid: Hi! Are you here for Lola?
ME: Yes.
Maid: How long do you want to stay?
ME: 30 mins
Maid: What services did you ask for?
ME: Ehm... All of those that are advertised on AW (this was actually a very smart improvised response)
Maid: Mmmm..yes...but what explicitly do you like to do?
ME: To start, oral without, french kiss, then let's see...
Maid: Yes, oral without, yes! But..French kiss, I'm sorry, only small kiss on lips, no tongue, she is ill today..
ME: I'm sorry, I explicitly asked her for this service, look at our conversation (I show her the conversation on my mobile)
Maid: YES, YES! But today she has a problem with the throat! She can't kiss, not that she does not want to (obviously lying).
ME: Why every time there is always something?
Maid: I'm sorry...
ME: I've chosen her after carefully seeing several girls with different appearance, services, prices, location and I come here knowing she would do DFK
Maid: Yes but...
ME: I'm sorry, I don't want to meet her.
Maid: OK.
ME: Bye
Maid: Sorry..

I was very furious and had to be very calm when I was talking to her (she probably noticed I was a little bit altered). Nothing makes me more angry than cheating on services. Every time, every fucking time, there is always something different!!!  :dash: When is no OWO, when is no FK, there is always something unclear or lied with these girls. I'm not complaining about the cost (60 P) or not doing this service, but for the fact that you picture yourself with such a girl doing all she promised, and then all of a sudden they change everything  :angry: :angry: :angry: Let alone 1,30h of my time lost (albeit in the nearby locations are great).

9 review(s) found for Lovely Cy. linked to in above post (4 positive, 2 neutral, 3 negative)

Online mrhappypants

Marco mate, avoid punting south of the river if you can.  It's a fucking dessert and you have far better chances north of the river.  Try Hazel kiitty if you get out to Docklands - see my review.

Romanians when will people learn  :dash:

Offline nigel4498

Romanians when will people learn  :dash:
It looks like they never do, a string of negative reviews and they are all Romanian. :thumbsdown:

Offline mrfixit37

It looks like they never do, a string of negative reviews and they are all Romanian. :thumbsdown:

Did you look at her authentication photo first!!!  :scare: :scare: :scare:

And I gotta agree that flat near tower bridge is nothing but trouble because???

ROMANIANS. :dash: :dash: :dash:

Offline BlackCat

I had a similar experience with Lola today: upon arrival I asked her to confirm she was going to provide the services agreed on the phone, and the first two I mentioned (assisted shower and FK) were rejected.

Apparently she finds the idea of taking a shower with a client revulsing (but couldn't explain exactly why) and blamed the receptionist for not knowing that. As for FK, she couldn't kiss anyone today because of a problem with her teeth for which she's going to see a dentist tomorrow (at least she's creative with her excuses).

I was going to walk but then she brought in 2 other girls, Melissa and Nikki, who work in the same flat and were available. Unlike her they were friendly and smiling, and I ended up doing a session with Melissa - review to follow.

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