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Author Topic: A question  (Read 258 times)

Offline MB81

Is it unreasonable to expect the lady you wish to visit to tell you her location to ensure you know how long you have to travel to get there?

I wished to visit an escort and when I asked her for her address she did not reply for 30 minutes, which meant that I did not know how to get there. When she did text me the details, it was too late for me to get there from where I was.

Was I expected to look at the area she is in on her profile and be there anyway? It is what she told me and I thought it was a bit unfair on her part to be mad at me for this.

Please advise as I am new to this.

Offline MB81

Just as a clarification she confirmed the time of the appointment but failed to give me her address. I sent her a text and called but she did not respond or pick up.

Offline fredpunter

It's not uncommon for them not to give you the exact address until you are virtually there, but if they refuse to give you at least an approximate address then don't waste your time with them - pick some-one else.

Don't forget many of them are young and/or not very bright, that's assuming it's even the girl you're actually talking to and not her "boyfriend".

Offline MB81

Thank you

I was not expecting the exact address but at least the location and/or nearest tube station.

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