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Author Topic: Dani Gold Long Eaton  (Read 1678 times)

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https://www.adultwork.com/694709 or https://www.adultwork.com/Dani+Gold
Date 28/8/14 Location Long Eaton Price £ 100 for hour
Last April when QPR were at Leicester Dani had put in a Reverse Booking bid but thanks to engineering works unable to visit her.Thanks to the Capital Cup draw able to visit her following QPRs ver disappointing trip to Burton previous evening.Great comms in build up with full address given 3 days beforehand which for those of using public transport an absolute godsend.Arrived early by about 10 minutes didnt faze her at all buzzed up and straight in.Was met by a buxom brunette beauty in a lovely bodice with fishnets showing off her lovely legs.Hand over money oh and a packet of Rollos well all girls love a bit of chocolate brought a  little smile and kiss thanks.Straight into bathroom to use facilities quick shower and towel myself dry.Dani had brought me a bottled water to quench my thirst but to be honest i didnt notice it until later as it was straight onto the bed for a nice mutual rub and very very Deep FK.When she says she likes to FK she truly means it.I then start to try to play with my cock but she chastises me and tells me its hers to play with so being a gentleman i dont argue.Very gentle stroking technique all the while kissing deeply.She then notices my ever erecting nipples and starts to suckle on them.By now im heaven but somehow it gets even better as Dani starts to use her hands on the nipples whilst licking and sucking my balls.This is a good a ball suck as ive ever had then she starts to suck and suck my cock til its reaching for the ceiling.After 15 minutes of this pure heaven i have to suggest i return the favour to which she lies on her back and decides it time to be serviced.Now i start slowly at first and then start to lick deeper and suck and well Dani is getting wetter and wetter and well she is very very vocal in her approval.Eventually she climaxes and i continue to lick she says what she needs now is a cock to play with .Into a sideways 69 but because her oral is so good i stop licking so she gets out her buzzer and proceeds to give herself another climax.She composes herself and its straight back into oral on me again where she is between my legs sucking for all her lifes worth.I climax and she helps to clean me.She seems very disappointed when i say sadly im a one shot man these days and she wont be getting fucked.Back into  more Reverse Oral and another the flushed cheeks and the fact her clit is sensitive means my work is done.Nice kiss and cuddle and chat.I shower whilst she gets me a coffee and we chill and chat on the bed.Wish she lived nearer as i would become a regular .All in all Great VFM with someone who likes sex is fantastic at oral.I did mention as i was leaving i am on UKPunting and would review she goes if only id known id have been nice.Never thought id meet someone more vocal than me in sex but i think i have.Did tell me had been a nurse in the past she kinda reminded me of Anita Harris when she played a nurse and Dani can most certainly bed bath me any time

6 review(s) found for Dani Gold linked to in above post (5 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

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