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Author Topic: Bethany @ diamonds  (Read 1312 times)

Anyone seen her on here? She has some reviews on the site but would rather something from this community :)


Offline b911

Id be interested to know too, thought she looked hot in her pics.

Offline pe567

I meant to write something last week, but got caught up in other things....

Booked Chelsea thru Diamonds, they rang back next day to say she wasn't working that day,
they'd fucked up, but she would see me anyway at 10.45 last Thurs. Turned up at Dunstan
only to be told she'd slept in would 12 be OK, obviously it would not, so after a bit discussing
arranged to go straight thru to Bethany near high level.

I won't turn this into a review, because, to be honest, I'm a shit shag anyway and if I were
a WG I'd demand my money back.

Bethany is lovely, good kisser, clean sweet tasting wet puss and a good time was had in a
nice, safe flat. Great to talk to, and she seemed to enjoy it, and I certainly did.
She will now be one of my faves and I'm pretty damned fussy. I keep myself immaculately hygenic
and expect the same, the hint of an untoward smell or suchlike has me turned right off. Bethany was spot on.

ps Diamonds were great as well. used them a few times now without complaint.
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