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Author Topic: brooke diamonds  (Read 891 times)

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Offline ohfook1t

had a half hour with brooke this morning. i can only echo FB's report the other day. i found her very shy and after a bit chat she says she only just stumbled upon being an escort and knows very little about the scene. As FB mentions she is tiny, a little bit boney around the hips for my own liking. only really went for a blowie and she delivered very well and she took my delivery very well also swallowing it all. she allowed a cheeky finger up her starfish but said wont allow anal on first meeting. Afterwards i found the chit chat quite hard as she is so shy and i was on my way after 20 mins. my decision i must add as i'm sure she would have let me stay for the full time. i think she would do well with a night out with one or two of the experienced girls who could give her a few pointers.
 nice girl,good bj,got rid off evidence...... would i return, hmmm i dont know. depend's on who else was available on the day

Offline Godeep69

Did you ask for anything else though? And small hips? You must of seen a photo before you chose her?

Offline ohfook1t

didnt want owt else but it was on offer.. BTW there is small hips which u can see on photo, but under her hands are boney hips the type that sort of protrude from the skin. this wasnt off putting just not to my liking

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