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Author Topic: WGs on Tinder?  (Read 4993 times)

Offline purple_t

If that happened to me and she was say a girl I was a regular off, if Id swiped right her and we didn't match that would be last time she got my money!

Fair enough, I can understand the girl nor swiping right on punters though, probably wants to keep her civvie life and escort life separate.

Curious to see if anyone has visited a WG who advertised through tinder. It seems about 90% of my matches are WGs offering "GFE for XXX roses/ph".

I dont see why i'd use tinder for that specifically, but some of their pics are really hot so i imagine some guys would go for it. That is, assuming they are real.

I deleted Tinder because of this. So fucking annoying!  :angry: :mad:

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