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Author Topic: Valery, Kensington London  (Read 4863 times)

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Was going to take another lady out last nite to a concert in London and back to hers later for some fun, but owing to a misunderstanding  of
expectations unfortunatly it all fell through:(

So decided to go on my own, after all there were two of the most expensive tickets and it seemed pointless to waste them, and whilst in that
part of London decided to console myself with a lady. One I had seen before via Eternity girls was off that night (Angelika) so was another i had been
meaning to see in London for a while . Being a fan of tall girls a simple escort search bought up a lady called Valery who resides like most
any girls in that area in a large apartment block in Sloane avenue;)

Very professional in making the booking, speaks very good English for a Russian, well Latvian actually, aimed for 9-30 but was running around 10
mins late called, and no problem. Very explicit details for where she was located.

Arrived and was met by the most impressive girl, well tall girl in height she is around 6 foot 1 and some 6 foot 4 in her heels in a long evening dress!.

Served a nice glass of Rose wine and we talked for a short while then she suggested i make myself comfortable on the bed, duly done. Then off
came that long evening dress to reveal some very tasty black undies on the most fit body i have seen for a very long time with superb long legs and
well fomed natural breasts:!.

It was like one of those Bond films where the girl villain looked as if she was about to cause Mr Bond serious harm, she truly is an impressive
sight standing over you and to be honest I was rather mesmerised by it;!.

Now i said she was very professional and that related to the booking etc but now this girl took on the mantle of a girlfriend so very well, lots
of DFK and cuddling and I could have just lain there in her arms the night:)

But I didn't come for just that and we had a very good session. RO OWO etc unfortunately me flagging a bit, I had just walked fast "ish" for around
a mile and tripped butt over head on some poor road surface so was a shade pained but I couldn't complain about her part in it all just soo
very very good.

I'll skip the finer details but she wasn't found wanting, more wanton;) and after she left me exhausted I could have just stayed there the night
but reality kicked in and had to catch the last train home.

An escort how she ought be, well organised and  and soo very much better then all the Romanians we've had around out our way put
together, and very reasonably priced for London anyway.

A nice postscript to the evening. Got chatting a student on the train home turned out she was into the same sounds as I and I offered her a
lift back to her lodgings which she accepted, very brave and trusting of her, well she was carrying the most enormous back pack must have been
well fit to cart that around seems she'd been on a climbing expedition!

Asked her if she would like the occasional no strings attached  trip to  London to which she replied yes she would,  so e-mail addys exchanged
and who knows where that might go:-)
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Offline Fb878

I saw valery. Year ago. Would echo the review comments, but she's really not a looker.

No, not quite a model but so very good in most all other ways:)

Offline Fb878

Nowhere near it. I considered walking out...

Bloody hell fB878 sure it was the same girl???


She looks stunning in her photo shopped pictures on her web site? Would you sat the pics were 50% Photoshopped or more?

In her FAQ -

1. Q. Are your photographs genuine?
A. Yes, all my photographs are 100% genuinely of myself. You will not be disappointed as I can guarantee that the woman you’ll see in the photograph will be the one opening the door for you.

Offline Fb878

I'm not upto Jason's standards on this. But I would say 50% is right

Body wise, she's amazing. Facially, the penultimate picture on her gallery is most representative. But even then, it's very very flattering.

Each to there own....

Fair enough, I can only suppose the purfect woman dosent exist;!).

It is an intresting question just how much the "looks" of a girl are that important. I suppose we all like model lookalikes but over time I've had some piss poor punts with girls like that whereas their less glam cousins have really deliverd the "punt" goods;)

Offline gophil05

I saw Valery last time I was in London (April), and agree that she is not an "attractive" girl, but she does have a knock-out body.  I had a similar experience as the other punter I would just add that she is very talkative which being inexperienced led to only 1 round over 2hrs.  My fault completely as I needed to take more control, but for those new to this like me make sure you lead or she will talk for a great deal of the time.

Yes they can pass the time doing that but hey talking isnt that bad espcially if she has something interesting to say. Mind you for a lot of EE Romulan girls they can hardley text, let alone talk;!.

Still they can easliy be cured, a simple request to blow this appndedge here usualy shuts 'em up;)...

Offline gophil05

Right you are, Valery was actually very intelligent to talk to.  Just need to make sure she has something in her mouth next time to cut the political commentary short!

Offline Peterpack

I was considering seeing Valery but this thread has put me off.

Offline boardyhell

if you are looking for service valery is excellent ,if you are looking for a real looker perhaps not
i feel heavy hearted saying this as she is so nice,but this is what ukp is all about
having said that i seriously thought about returning

Offline Clipit

So is there one out there with a similar body but maybe slightly more blessed with looks? And services of course......

Was going to take another lady out last nite to a concert in London and back to hers later for some fun, but owing to a misunderstanding  of
expectations unfortunatly it all fell through:(

Damn I hate it when you tell a new date that you're going to a concert and a fuck afterwards and she acts all surprised and indignant.  I mean they should be double-pleased.  And girls say that we men don't communicate clearly! 


I also saw her a few years back and my sentiment was the same. It has to be said she is just a bit strong looking but she's definitely all woman She had quite a good rep so i booked her, Turned up and her face was definitely not a looker. Her body was absolutely fantastic though. I would put her body at a 8-9 or so and her face at a 4. Ofourse body wise she could be worse or better now. Her legs, height, bum waist were amazing from what i recall.

i remember thinking that i thought her boobs were going to be bigger then they actually are, she's heavily photoshopped facially IMO. she had a body completely built for sex though.

I did not see her again. If I'm going to be making the effort out of my day then i would find someone with a similar body who's atleast a 7 facially.
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Offline Peterpack

I think i have a good idea now. It sounds like she has a bit of a harsh look which some ladies have

Definitely not for me, i like girlie girls

Offline molloyalloy

I liked her looks- striking with full lips. I saw her first about 9 years ago and she was bigger, albeit fairly slim. She had immense breasts- around a G cup. She then left London much to my dismay. She then returned and so I had to see her again. I had a good time but she had gone all gym bunny. She was still busty but her breasts are not nearly as bountiful as before. They really were perfect before! I don't like the gym bunny look much. I prefer feminine curves. She's a top girl though.
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