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Author Topic: Welsh Brunette - 'being filmed'  (Read 1232 times)

Offline aardvark

https://www.adultwork.com/2213030 or https://www.adultwork.com/Welsh%5FBrunette

Dear All,

I see from her profile that Georgia has 'being filmed' on her likes list.  She also states that she does everything on her list.

Has anyone who has seen her actually filmed her? Is there an extra cost? Are there any limitations - no face etc? Is it just photos,  or video. 

On a separate but linked point - is it worth paying for her PG, are there any face pics?

Thanks in anticipation .......


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Appearance wise you have nothing to fear, she is an attractive lady who needs little make up.


Offline JV547845

On a separate but linked point - is it worth paying for her PG, are there any face pics?

There's no clear face pic but plenty of partial semi-cropped face pics and a facial, enough to give you a good idea of how attractive she is.

Offline SirFrank

Don't waste your time shelling out on pvt pic. She's easy on the eye
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Offline MikeBWales

Not sure about the private gallery, I haven't viewed it.  As for being filmed, I've seen Georgia several times and have paid an extra £20 for unlimited picture taking on many of these ocassions and have quite a gallery of me and her (for personal use only of course).  Never asked to actually film anything but can't see why not.  She's very up front and polite to be fair and will give you a straight answer and price if you ask her.  That's my experience of her anyway

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