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Author Topic: PeachesPetite - Fake Images  (Read 422 times)

Offline Mij

Looking at this profile earlier on AW.....seems ok at first...decent feedback and a few (albeit fluffy) field reports.

https://www.adultwork.com/1966476 or https://www.adultwork.com/PeachesPetite

Profile says she's 29, but then in her PG she has some (similar) photos which are presumably her, but then a few belonging to other wgs, but she's claiming them to be her. One's a (claimed) 21 year-old (Yeah right!.... I saw her ad on an indy-site at least 6 years ago!), and the others are from a 40 year-old!

WTF?  Why?? Suspect just padding out her own PG with 'decent' images?

These are the pages with some of the 'borrowed' images


Anyone met her who can vouch for her?


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