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Author Topic: Hush Parties Nottingham venue  (Read 789 times)

After the last Nottm party was cancelled I now notice that the Nottm venue is no longer in the schedule & replaced with another MK event.

A bit gutted because I was looking forward to a 1st party experience.

Anyone know why Nottm's off the list?

Offline Captain Caveman

I asked them this and they said they are just 'trying out new areas' and will be back in Nottingham 'soon'.

Let's hope it's not too long.
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Offline virgil

It must be a balancing act between creating a group of regulars by having the same locations over an extended time and running out of newbies who have tried it and ticked it off their to do list.

I suspect Adele and co are learning a lot and acting on that.

I hope they're back in Notts soon. It's on my to do & to do & to do list   :lol:

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