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Author Topic: Propper massage in S Wales  (Read 11976 times)

Offline SirFrank

I'm looking for some propper massage in s Wales with HR and possibly more. Anyone know of any girls who offer a decent service? AW is a massage ghost town in Wales and gun tree is little better.
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Offline needzall

There's a thai place on Churchhill Rd. that is really good. I always go there when I need a proper massage. If you are really hurting go after 5pm because their specialist Patty is working.
I threw my back out at the gym once and went to see Patty. She fixed it right away  :thumbsup:
Prices are about 20 for half and 40 for the hour. I'm not sure about their extras, I have gotten just HR there but only from one lady. Maybe the other girls are willing but it hasn't been my experience.

Also Magic Healing hands in Penarth is decent. They offer HR but kinda expensive in my opinion.

Offline SirFrank

Banning reason: Shitstirring against admin on behalf of banned member

It's Churchill Way.. I assumed they only provided massage as in treatment and possible relaxation.   No idea if it is an extra kind of service place.

Offline pete88

This lady does a very good thai massage and the BEST hand relief I have ever had. Not to sure about extras. She isn't the best looking I would say mid to late 30's. Cost me £55 for one hour including hr.  http://m.gumtree.com/p/massage-services/best-swansea-asian-massage-off-work-september-/1060533636

This girls is a very sexy thai girl, I would say early to mid 20's, only offers massage and hand relief although I once had owo at another location.  One hour with hr costs £60. Not to sure about other extras but she informed me she does have friends who will do full service.

This lady states no sexual service but I had topless hr for one hour and she has a lovley set on her. 1 hour with hr would have worked out £60 for one hour but as I was feeling flush that day I paid an extra 20 and she went topless. She did tell me she had 2 friends who she could arrange for me but I didn't ask about which services were on offer. She told me she was 48.

I have been to Churchill way on a number of occasions and had a happy ending numerous times works out £60 per hour.

Um.. I have been to magic healing hands and wasn't to fussed to be honest the happy ending wasn't so happy it was rather boring.

I have also tried NANA in Pontypridd, I didn't think much of the massage although she was rather energetic and made me pop twice in one hour full service..

Hope some of this may be useful...  :cool:

What are the girls like in Churchill Way? Was HR offered or did you have to ask?

Where in pontypridd is NANA based?

NANA is in tref? Is it in a salon?

Offline pete88

First time I went there was a fit bird there. Just massage with nothing else even remotley on offer. Every other time I have been since happy endings have been on the menu. Let them give you a massage then they will start to tease a bit making it quite clear what their after. (an extra few quid for a tug) I have seen 3 girls who have offered it and had also have a couple of 4hand massages. Only downside is the girls and the best looking. Hope this info is of some use to you mate.

Offline pete88

massage and let me cim. On the other visits was an older lady who wasnt much good in regards to giving a massage just put in a decent shift on top...dont think id go there again to be honest. Only reason I kept going back was in the hope of seeing the younger bird. Never happened though.

Offline webpunter

After one of the internationals then managed to stagger to some place called something like Twice as Nice
Was open like 1am & in a residential street.  Looks like a normal house
Now called Abygales
Great wide massage couch & loads of Johnsons
Managed to get it over the line - which after about 10 pints / other booze was a miracle
Which was more than England managed to do !
The bird showing in the pink is on AW i'm sure

Offline sealover

Hotoil massage to the west of Llanelli has a good reputation.  I have been there a few times and the massage and HR are undoubtedly excellent but the strict no touching policy puts me off.

Cara in Moriston, currently on holiday, gives an excellent massage, even standing on your back and supporting her weight on overhead rails. She allows touching and will gomtopless for an extra £20.  She is slim and pleasant but not exactly a spring chicken.  I find myself going back to her as she is reliable.

The Thai girl in Swansea centre is pretty, fun and gives a great massage; more is on offer if you coax it out of her.  She is currently my firm favourite.

Try Just Massage in barry if you want a quality massage, all the right teasing and pleasant HR.  She is not for those who like stick insect girls!

I have twice been to Magic Hands in Penarth.  Both experiences did the job but were nothing special and fairly pricey for what you get.

My most recent massage was a little out of area, up in Birmingham, just outside of Frankly services. I thought I had booked a serious, theraputic massage  (lots of driving =bad back). I had asked if I could shower as was just away from work, so when I got there she started helping me undress, all the way! Reeesult!

I find myself going more for a good massage and if there is anything more on offer then fine. It is probably just an age thing but sensuous beats sexual everytime.

Is Nikki (hotoil massage) still available? The reason I ask is she hasn't logged into her profile for months.

I've seen her a few times over the years and she does give a real top quality massage and hr in a nice comfortable setting.  She's also very pretty and was always immaculately dressed in a sexy outfit and lingerie when I went to see her.

Shame about the no touch policy but no way a deal breaker, for the service she gives.   



Offline sealover

 I hadn't checked, as I said she was not one of my favourites. Not logged in since June though, seems she is off the radar.

Offline Sepiroth

Just wondering for some up to date info, thrown my back out need  to find someone to fix it, h/e is optional but i primarily need a massage to help with the pain

Offline Corus Boy

Just wondering for some up to date info, thrown my back out need  to find someone to fix it, h/e is optional but i primarily need a massage to help with the pain

Not Cardiff but near Newport.  Great for a massage and any extras you want to add.


Offline Sepiroth

Yea been before, not back till 20th though

Offline Corus Boy

There is also Suki up in Penarth, similar standard as Lily but her profile is missing today  :(

Offline Sepiroth

I think suki been set to distribute only...

Offline Corus Boy

I think suki been set to distribute only...

I'll call her tomorrow and report back.

Does anyone have details of that thai girl in swansea City centre mentioned back when the post was made last year?

Offline Corus Boy

I think suki been set to distribute only...

Spoke with Suki.  For some reason, those mysteries of AW, her profile was disabled and she is unable to access it now.  She says that she will have a new one up and running shortly but apparently you cannot use a phone number that has been used before, so she has to get a new SIM but as I found out her old number is still working.

It is Business As Usual.

Offline snaitram99

She has a new profile up - Suki1992 (Birth year I suppose. Sounds like yesterday to me but puts her comfortably above 18). No number shown although she says to phone. Must be relying on people having her old number.

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