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Author Topic: kylie for you x - Reading  (Read 1709 times)

12 review(s) for Sexy petite Kylie  (10 positive, 2 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

kylie for you x https://www.adultwork.com/2054332 or https://www.adultwork.com/kylie+for+you+x

Cost: £140 for an hour(ish)

Venue: Very smart hotel. Only problem was that it was a couple of miles out from the train station and being a bank holiday not all the buses were running. This meant two thirty minute walks in the rain getting there and back.

Comms: Initially very good. Kylie was very quick to answer e-mails and the booking request. On the day though I had to contact her as it looked like she wasn't going to get in touch. I only got her room number five minutes past the agreed booking time. This time wasn't made up. Not too impressed.

Looks: I have to say that I was little disappointed when she opened the door. Not because she's unattractive, but because the photos on AW are more than a little flattering. She's got a bit of a mummy tummy going on which she seemed really desperate to hide. It wasn't that bad really, but she couldn't have been more obvious about it: dim lighting, hand over her belly in missionary, pretty much all other positions involved having her back to me. Also I think the stated age of 27 is a bit of piss-take. I'd say more like early to mid-thirties.

Service: Bit of a game of two halves this one. For the first thirty minutes I had great a time. Kylie's so petite that she's great fun to fuck and bounce around. We must have moved through half a dozen or so positions. Probably my favourite was spoons, which felt amazing. Plenty of kissing going on through all of this, not really DFK, but pleasant nontheless. Her owo technique was pretty good too - I had to get her to stop it was tickling so much. Eventually I came in doggy position.

The second half consisted of a bit of a chat and a massage, which did seem like a bit of a way of padding out the rest of the time. After that it was shower time and I was on my way. With the late start I didn't really get my full hour - short-timed by about seven or eight minutes.

In conclusion I would say that if I'd paid £70 for the first half hour I probably would have given her a positive, but the second half and the other issues I've mentioned means that I can't really recommend her. Bit of a frustrating day all round. The weather and the train station crowded with festival goers certainly didn't help matters.

12 review(s) found for Sexy petite Kylie  linked to in above post (10 positive, 2 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline jimmychunga

You WALKED from the station to the hotel in the lashing rain FFS!!! Cheap skate. Get a cab. 8 quid!!    :rolleyes:

I also met Kylie today. Fair comment above RE tummy I think, Kylie is a mummy. But of the yummy variety IMO

She is attractive and fun, although she does have slightly annoying habit of asking you every 5 minutes what you want to do next. Prefer to go with the flow myself.

I had a pleasant time though and give her a POSITIVE.
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Offline bighands

I also had a good time with her a couple of weeks ago. I didn't have any problem with the issue of moving from one thing to another every 5 minutes, because I stated up front that I wanted a "go with the flow" session. I also kept her going full tilt for the whole hour, which she was totally up for (lots of energy), as I don't like the resting / chat / so called massage efforts. I saw her in Warwick, so my review's in the W Mids section.

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Wow this made me giggle star power, yes I have a tell tale sign that I have had a child, like mist normal natural women, im a tiny size 6 and having a baby with such a small frame would leave most women with tell tale signs, wud live to see you carry a baby, this doesn't bother my repeat lovely men, seems to me you got out of bed the wrong side on this day as moaning about the weather ,rain and train journey and the distance to the hotel was clearly not my fault, seems yo me you were pusses off before we even met, and by all your negative feed back to most wg , I'm not surprised by your negative feed back, good job I'm thick skinned and have a lot genuine repeat guys booking me on a regular basis,, I'm 29, not 28, I say a age younger as this outs ppl off thinking it's me in my pictures that might know me, I have professional and none professional pictures in my gallery, no face shots as I have a normal job to, so discretion is a must, has fir me contacting you on the morning , I do not do that,, the reason,, well that's because most of my guys are married men, and it might get them into trouble, so I wAit for you to contact me once you have booked in,,, this has to be discreet on both parts to, and the tale of two halfs is the bit that made me piss my pants, it's dwn to you horny the second half, I'm a high energy escort and I live a good fuck round the room, lots of positions, which most of my feed back suggests . But you clearly didn't have the stamina to fuck me lots, so sorry if you felt this way, I've taken your review on board and can only learn from it, I offer what mist wife's wouldn't,, one boring position, I do lots of positions, and until I know someone I like to know whAt they like, so I do ask when we meet as everyone is different. Some like to just go with the flo, some like to fuck lots, some like it once. U have to say what you like as I'm no mind reader,I dnt treat anyone the same as no one is the same, ppl get turned on in different ways, I have 189 positive feedbacks and a amazing bunch if guys who book me regular,,, happy punting take care
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Damn, she sounds hot......on my HL for when I'm  in the area
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