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Author Topic: Millie - House of Divine - Victoria - January 2023  (Read 2422 times)

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Meet happened January.

Phone, both for initial booking and to confirm on the day.

The Venue
Was initially told basement flat, in reality though it was the same upstairs flat and indeed the same bedroom where I'd previously seen Chanel. Was ushered into the bathroom for a bit while the previous punter left, and I took the opportunity to take a shower.

The Lady
Millie is an attractive British Ebony lady, her photos on the HOD site are fairly indicative (in reality she has a fair few distinctive tattoos which are obviously removed for discretion) and I'd say her advertised age of 28 is about right. Perhaps early 30s. Entered wearing heels, lingerie, dark red wig and a cheeky smile. Enhanced tits, but they didn't feel too artificial.

The Action
The usual few minutes ticked by between arriving and being seen.

Had an enjoyable hour with Mille, starting with some DFK and groping/undressing and quickly moving to the bed. She suggested some massage and I thought why the hell not, I didn't sense it was a time wasting tactic but rather a chance to chat for a few minutes and get in the mood. After about five minutes of this I indicated I was ready to move on, and turning over received some OWO which was enthusiastic if not the best (no offence to Millie but I've seen a few girls who have set the bar high). In return I gave her some RO - nice clean and fully shaven pussy with cute butterfly-shaped lips, although I sense this wasn't really her thing. Got a condom on and to business with some hard missionary, before finishing off with more OWO and ultimately finishing myself while DFK her. Proper tongue to tonsil action - lovely.

£150 for an hour. DFK, OWO, RO, protected sex in various positions. Anal (enquired but not taken) would have been an extra £40.

Positive. Millie is a slim, toned and enthusiastic little firecracker who I found very attractive. Definitely hope to see again, and I would bring some extra pennies to enjoy her firm little arse next time.

Reminds me a bit of...
Facially only, she actually reminded me a bit of Ivy. Similar wide-set doe eyes. External Link/Members Only
And, the only other Ebony girl who's snogged my face off quite so enthusiastically is the lovely Siana External Link/Members Only (profile down!)

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Nice  :thumbsup:

She's definitely in her 30s, as I saw her a few times about 10 years ago (twice at hod and once as indie) and she looked mid to late 20s then.

I would definitely want to see her again if she went indie again. Does HOD1 just have the one bathroom?

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Yeah, she has reviews dating back to 2012, so unless she started at 18 her advertised age is a little light!

The upstairs Pimlico flat has just one bathroom, yes.

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Ah thanks. One shower makes logistics awkward so i'll avoid

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She looks gorgeous.

How does she compare with Lissa, the other ebony girl?
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She looks gorgeous.

How does she compare with Lissa, the other ebony girl?
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I hope to be able to tell you in due course! Lissa doesn't appear on the London rota often, unless I just keep missing her.

Online boardyhell

saw her years ago at hod
cim was ok then but not listed now
suspect its at discretion
fit and good girl then
can't remember but suspect lube was used in both holes
will keep an eye on the schedule