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Author Topic: any thoughts on this profile? (Brandy4you_x)  (Read 545 times)

Is this a legit profile, I am not sure that's her in the main photos but I like what I see in the gallery



Offline JV547845

I thought she was a PGS before but the feedback trail seems convincing.  Worth giving her a ring at the very least.  The bit about the face pic is contradictory but that could be due to the shit for brains pimp.
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Offline xxxxxx

That account used to be  kasia_lovelace_xx and already has form for posting fake reviews here: https://www.ukpunting.com/index.php?topic=27916.0. Plus the fact the profile text doesn't match the photos, I'd avoid, or at least prepare for a bait and switch.  :bomb:

Offline JV547845

Oh dear.  Thanks for checking.

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