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Author Topic: French maid recommendations  (Read 616 times)

Offline JV547845

Hit me up with some recommendations guys. 

I'm looking for a WG with an amazing French Maid costume who gives good service in the south of the UK.  I'm not bothered about those little simple cheap Ann Summers dresses some WGs buy just to fill out their working wardrobe - I'm happy to post pics or links to some porn to illustrate what I'm after.

The dress is most important, I'd like petticoats, frills, and black satin, maybe even puffed out short dress sleeves, the lot.  Stockings too maybe, or nice shaved legs.  Long sleeved gloves too ideally. 

Actually being french would be a huge plus. I'm not too bothered about the role play unless they're really into that.  The bustier the better, but pretty slender girls do it for me too.  Age up to say 40. 

Service wise, cuddles and fondling, protected sex and DFK are essential.  RO, OWO, anal, rimming all desirable.  The important thing is they're not going to stop mid punt and tell me they're not comfortable with basic foreplay. 

An indie who takes in calls would be ideal but I would consider an agency or out call.  Thanks,

Offline Kentpunt

Where Abouts in the south easy do you have in mind? I knew a few with outfits in Kent if that helps

Offline JV547845

I was thinking my chances were highest in London as I've been there and Hampshire before but Kent's OK for the right girl.

Offline a10

This kind of thing? One of the best "French maid" characters to grace our screens ever, Coleen Camp in "Clue"

Sexy_Sasha in Bournemouth has a lot if outfits, her maid one is a bit see through though

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