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Author Topic: Kendra Golders Green  (Read 1170 times)

10 review(s) for Annabbell x (8 positive, 2 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline intana

Web Link = https://www.adultwork.com/2108793 or https://www.adultwork.com/Kendra+Lover%2E

Previous report : https://www.ukpunting.com/index.php?topic=36652.0

Communication :
1) Same with the previous punter she rarely picks up the phone(the maid).

Venue :
1) Clean and safe enviroment. No complaints
2) 10 minutes from the station
3) You are going to walk over a hill to meet he so be prepared if you are an overweight old man lol

Physical : I would give her a rating of 8/10.
Based on my previous punting here in the uk my standard of rating of wg(just to give a general idea)
English Blonde chloe would be a 10.
Dee would be a 10
Sheela A level would be a 7

Body Size:
1)She is slimmer than the photos. She has a nice cute small arse. Which i rimmed.
2) she is around 175 cm with heels i think
3) SAGGY tits. to me it look soft and not the perky ones i would like. Probably has had a child.

1) Again comparing with English Blonde Chloe which i would a 10 and Dee a 10. Kendra would be an 8
    Reason :- She kisses with tongue bot only at the front part of the mouth. She doesnt engage with lip pulling and full on tongue wrestling which extends to the middle part   or allow full extension of your tongue into her mouth. Perhaps my standard of dfk is higher than others as i have visited top girls with great dfk. But certainly better than sheela a level.

2) NO ball licking for me. To be fair i did not ask her Frankly speaking i think her blowjob is lousy as she only concentrates on the middle to the front part of my dick. I prefer girl to suck slowly till the base of my dick. No finger sucking as well as i did not ask her too.

3) She is extremely worried of getting RO. She allows it but she constricts my oral technique by squeezing her thighs making it hard for me to give a good oral. English blonde chloe would open her legs wide for me and i can suck and nibble on her labia as i please. Kendra did not allow this. I was able to rim her though but too bad for me it was kinda smelly. But in regards to rimming she allowed me to lick her arse without constricting my movements. She is only worried of her pussy being licked or being fingered.

4) She does show that she does not allow a few things or rather do not like it. NOTE. She does not allow you to get intimate with her. She doesnt want you to make her cum nor feel good. I was stroking her back and she removed my hand. During sex i tried to kiss her cheek and neck but she would try to kiss me. It was as if she did not allow me to kiss her cheek and neck. but i got to admit apart from dee and EBC i would say her is better than other girls(certainly better than romanians in UK!!!!)

5) did so many different position and yeah i was having trouble cumming as well. POunded her really hard and she could take it. But she looked tired and yeah i had to do most of the banging.

6) for me there was NO GFE. It really felt like pay for sex so for GFE illusion it was a 0 for me.

7) I got the full 30 minutes of my time. A POSITIVE FOR ME!

The negative things that made me gave her a neutral
1) Damn it she was eating something before meeting me and i think it was pork rind or something. I could taste it! she actually was having something in her mouth when meeting me as she was munching away LOL.

2) NO GFE or PSE . Just vanilla or ok sex.

3) I like fingering and eating pussy and i did not get it with her.

4) She does not shower and does back to back booking. she wasn't fresh when i met her. i make that judgement based on the condition of her make up and she did look tired. Looking back probably that was why she did not allow me to lick her pussy(she made sure there was distance between my face and her pussy by putting her legs together). To be fair she did tell me she had a busy day and most of her customer that day were black guys.

5) Overall i would not return as i like eating pussy and some gfe illusion. the no shower thing i a real issue for me.

thats all guys.

10 review(s) found for Annabbell x linked to in above post (8 positive, 2 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline intana


Dee would be a 9 out of 10 lol.

Offline Uoti2

Thanks for posting a considered and detailed review.

Deciding between positive, neutral and negative is of course subjective. Still, you might want to consider asking Admin to change this one to a negative, because of these:
a) "She does not allow you to get intimate with her."
b) "for me there was NO GFE. It really felt like pay for sex so for GFE illusion it was a 0 for me."
c) The whole of the "negative things" section, especially number 4.
« Last Edit: August 23, 2014, 05:56:31 PM by Uoti2 »

Well done for TOFTT! Looks like a big negative to me!

thanks for a detailed and honest review.. I can now strike her off my hot list.

Offline smiths

thanks for a detailed and honest review.. I can now strike her off my hot list.

She has had at least 4 positive reviews on here recently including from me. Decent WG in my view. I wouldnt let one neutral review put me off personally but thats up to you.
« Last Edit: August 25, 2014, 12:42:01 AM by smiths »

Offline intana

hello all

i did not give a negative because she did deliver her services EXCEPT for FAcials and Did Not Wear what i wanted.

i for one like eating pussy, rimming and fingering but with her i did not get it. the fact she consticted her legs made me feel like she didn't want to(which is the case) and frankly speaking it kills the mood for me. It made me feel unwanted so to speak(DATY is kinda like the basic sex thing well at least for me). the fact i cannot stroke her legs and her back further aggravates this. She is ok with holding her back or ass but she just doesnt like to be stroke sensually or softly. Kissing her neck and shoulder was not to her liking too. you can dfk her though.

so basically i did not get what i wanted and it is clear that she is just there to sell sex. I think if you are the type that is just into fucking then she is fine. but if you want a sensual lover or at least an encounter with a girl who basically at least show or pretend that you do not disgusts her inn this respect EBC or Dee is the best. kendra offers none of this. come to think about it for girls that are physically attractive, provides gfe illusion and provide all her likes like i think so far only EBC delivers on this . Dee delivers it as well but she is not as hot as EBC.

Hygiene is a real issue for me and back to back meeting is a real turn off! especially if she doesnt shower. I am 100% sure that she had another client before me and did not shower. based on her makeup and tired look probably grabbed a quick bite after a client and came to see me.

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