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Author Topic: Cute Barby in Nottingham  (Read 1152 times)

2 review(s) for Cute Barby (1 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

https://www.adultwork.com/2575444 or https://www.adultwork.com/Cute+Barby

Fancied a bit of Hungarian flesh today and ended up going to see Cute Barby this afternoon but only after I fell victim to a bait and switch when trying to see Jasmina Love only to be confronted by a FUM (fat unidentified minger ) saying that "Jasmina wasn't working but I could have her instead". Fuck off you cheating bitch was the retort any my dish stayed firmly in the wallet as I exited post haste!

This happened despite having confirmed services by text an hour earlier and specifically asking if she was the girl in the profile before setting the time. So, I needed a Plan B and got on the old iphone to find Barby in my hotlist from the previous nights drunken stupor. "Why not" I thought, as I've seen a couple of very good touring Hungarians at the same address.

Made the call and the receptionist said she was available so I said I'd be there in 15 mins. Turned up on time to be greeted at the door by Barby wearing shorts, t shirt and no make up but it's definitely her and she's got a tidy little body with a decent pair of Budapest Bolt on Bazookas. Into the same room as I shagged Andrea in a few weeks earlier, paid my 60 for 30 mins and off she went to the banker while I stripped off. She came back wearing bra and thong and looked quite hot. I'd say her age is around 20-22.

Started with a quick massage which was ok. Friendly smiley kinda girl but with limited English as she's only been here a couple of weeks. She answered the phone twice to the receptionist during the massage which annoyed me a bit but then the action started. Light kissing, bit of moaning, kissing my chest, nipple nibbling.... Started OWO which was pretty good and enthusiastic. I unleashed the BBB's and had a play before pulling her thong off to taste the goods. Sweet shaven pussy and very tasty too.

Switched to 69 and made her cum with a combination of tongue and fingers then finished off in her mouth without warning her. If she'd have ignored the phone calls I might have warned her but she advertises CIM so I thought WTF. She pulled her mouth away after the first jet and the second one got her on the face. Cleaned up dressed and on my way.

Neutral because of the phone calls and limited kissing. Probably a neutral to positive to be honest.

Been trying for 5 minutes to post links and I'm bored now. Just search em on AW if you're interested, unless someone not using a tablet can put them on for me.

Be safe guys


2 review(s) found for Cute Barby linked to in above post (1 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline Owwhatanight

Sounds a lot hotter than the Hungarian i had the other day in Southend. See my review

Offline arthur

Somehow just by reading the review I can tell the OP is a real c*nt, anyone else get this impression, its a skill to manage in only a few paragraphs  :drinks:

Offline blue80

Somehow just by reading the review I can tell the OP is a real c*nt, anyone else get this impression, its a skill to manage in only a few paragraphs  :drinks:

To be fair the OP makes a comment about not being able to post a link - the 1st reply is asking for a link

So what makes me a cunt then Arthur?

Being pissed off that I wasted time effort and money to go and see a hot looking prossie who turned out to be a fat minger looking nothing like the girl booked despite me confirming and re confirming beforehand that she was actually the girl in the pics?

Walking from a booking cos it was a bait and switch?

Being pissed off that I've parted with my hard earned and the prossie I do see then keeps answering the phone on my time?

Not being able to post a link to the prossie in question on my tablet and explaining to the forum why?

Sharing my bad and average experience with this forum?

Availing myself of a service advertised by a prossie?

Or is it cos I've been totally frank and haven't been all nice and fluffy and sympathetic to the needs and wants of these poor down trodden hungarian birds and their tax free incomes and rip off tactics?

Prey tell.....
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Is this the bait and switch girl then?

https://www.adultwork.com/2269145 or https://www.adultwork.com/xx+JasminaLove+xx

She has no feedback to prove she's genuine and bareback on her profile. You took a gamble and it didn't work out

Yes that's the one. She didn't have bareback on her enjoys list when I saved the number and text her first time about a week ago.... Lucky escape!

It was a gamble but I've previously found that gambles with Hungarians with no feedback generally pay off (Romanians are an entirely different matter and I steer clear if they haven't got lots of feedback and reviews. Ripping people off and conning people seems to come second nature to them!). The Hungarians seem to not understand the AW booking and feedback system when they first arrive possibly due to the language barrier, and as such don't get any feedback on AW. Once their English improves and a few punters have helped them out they start to build it up. Also a lot of the Hungarians tick bareback thinking it is OWO and when u ask them about it they realise and remove it. At least that's my experience.

I've seen about a dozen Hungarians around the Uk, several with zero feedback, and this was the first substandard experience. The others have all been friendly, smiley, obliging, reliable and sexy as hell, and often exceptional value for money.

Every now and again some punters have to be prepared to TOFTT, otherwise how would any of these girls get their first reviews and feedback. I don't mind a gamble now and again to find a hidden gem and I've found a few, sadly some of the real quality ones have returned home now.

I'll keep having a gamble from time to time, interspersed between some dead certs..... Tonight for example I have a long booking with a top drawer English girl with tons of feedback. I know exactly what I'm getting and it's well worth paying a premium for.

I like seeing EE girls but not many use the booking system so don't have feedback and I'm very cautious and don't want to get ripped off with so many bait and switch girls around. Plus most of the girls are a hours drive away for me so it's not like I'm nipping around the corner to see them. Rather have something guaranteed.

Have fun with your punt tonight   :)

Can't fault you on that strategy mate. There's hundreds passing through notts so it's easy to have a pop at something new now and again. I've seen a couple of very good Czechs and one good Romanian who've all moved on. Plus several excellent Hungarians which are my favourites.

The other problem with the EE girls is they never seem to be on one place for more than a few weeks or even days before they move on so its hard to build a rapport with them. I've got one in London and one in Cardiff I see fairly frequently though so can't be too bad   ;)

I'm sure the punt tonight will be superb. She's an absolute diamond  :yahoo:

She's a bit in the rough to isn't she? I'll meet her sooner or later. I'm meeting pornstar Tanya Lixx tomorrow  :D

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