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Author Topic: Anyone been to Shadow's Massage?  (Read 1871 times)

Offline walshy101

funny enough i was just looking at there website. would love for some one to be able to give a review

I tried the doorbell last summer and nobody answered.
Same thing earlier this year. :unknown:

Been past it on the way to the Hatchet a few times, but walking off the street into what's obviously a knocking shop isn't something I'm very comfortable doing! Although it does say they have a 'discreet back entrance'. Or maybe that's the girls that work there! (I'll get me coat....)

Just walked by.
Seriously busy outside so I didn't want to be seen going in.
I called them and a very unfriendly EE girl answered. She wouldn't give a description of the girls available but said it's £50 for half an hour.
Unfriendly EE girl spells avoid for me  :thumbsdown:

I work near there, I often see uncomfortable punters waiting ages for the door to open. Sometimes it doesn't open. There is a back entrance which is overlooked by the back of some shops etc.

Offline Frampton

After the Adam and Eves thread, it looks like I am the massage parlour expert. ;)

I quite like this place, but I have only really been there drunk (usually after a session at the Hatchet!).  I don't know what it's like in the week, but they seem to have a lot of Chinese ladies working there on Friday/Saturday nights.

Obviously the beer goggles might have been having an effect, but I have not had a bad experience there.  The location is terrible though, you have to time it just right if you want to get in there without being seen and leaving is terrifying if it's busy outside.


That is a terrible website.  It's like something made in Geocities in the 90s.  :lol:
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I know Paige she doesn't work there anymore and would only be there once a month if that

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