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Author Topic: Erotic Massage 4u  (Read 4517 times)

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Offline BigSur

Emailed Kate on her address on the profile and arranged for three days from then. She shows when she is available and obviously does not take short notice bookings. Coms were good and I went to her flat in the Merchant City for 45 mins of body to body massage for £70 which is a bit more than I would usually pay for this but it was something I have always fancied.

Kate was excellent and offered me a shower and then lay me down on my stomach and slid her soft skinned body up and down until I was wriggling to release my hard on which I was lying on and that was really throbbing. She then turned me over and slid her body slowly and very sensually up and down my body with her face brushing my balls and cock so gently and briefly that it was so sensual and made me so hard. She slid her breasts and legs there too until I thought I would explode but managed to hold on until she finally slid the palm of her hand along me shaft.

The amazing thing was that she never actually took hold on my cock but continued to just tease it with the soft skin of the palm of her hand and I came with a massive shoot of spunk. It was a different experience and one I am glad I have had. It is worth a try and she is excellent.

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4 review(s) found for EROTIC MASSAGE 4u linked to in above post (4 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline Queynte

Having just hurt my back, I may need to pay her a visit

her profile states £70 45mins body to body and a further 20 for happy ending which by the sounds of it you got, so did you have to fork out £90?

Offline Alexix

Kate is one of the most nicest girls in Glasgow with a very nice face and well shaped body

Offline CooperD

Hey, I seen Kate a few times back when she offered GFE bookings and before her boob job, I found her to be one of the best looking girls I've ever met from punting. She's extremely sexing and friendly, I've always wanted to see her again but was put off by the reduced massage service she provides these days. This report has got me thinking of giving it a go though.
My question is, her profile now says no kissing and no touching, I suppose I could live with the no kissing but just how strict is she with the no touching?? I think I'd find this just to hard not to, she has an incredible body and not being able to touch her would be torture  :(

Offline RandyF

Looks like she's quit escorting altogether, and only offers massage with a wank.

Must be a fair bit of demand for massage in Glasgow.  :unknown: Go figure.
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Offline Queynte

If she is truly offering a good massage then I think I'd pay her a visit. I the massage is shit then it could be a waste of money

Offline RandyF

If she is truly offering a good massage then I think I'd pay her a visit. I the massage is shit then it could be a waste of money

Well she was a fantastic fuck, so a shame to see she's ditched that entirely.

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