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Author Topic: Sexy Sienna (Bromsgrove, Worcs)  (Read 2568 times)

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Offline bod666

https://www.adultwork.com/2512667 or https://www.adultwork.com/Sexy+sienna+xx

Went to see Sienna for a 30 minute session earlier this week - and very pleased I did.

Sienna is a petite, very well proportioned, pretty brunette english girl working out of an apartment in Bromsgrove.  I made the booking over the phone, all very easy, got the post code and off I trot. It turns out Sienna works out of the same apartment as another hot english girl, who is now calling herself Louisee Golden (used to be Golden Curves) https://www.adultwork.com/2048564 or https://www.adultwork.com/Louisee+golden+x
I saw Louisee ages ago (https://www.ukpunting.com/index.php?topic=16992.msg264617;topicseen#msg264617) and ianp saw her more recently (https://www.ukpunting.com/index.php?topic=33659.msg465853;topicseen#msg465853) - anyway I digress...

The venue is a little tricky to find (as there are 3 that all look about the same) - standard apartment block which you need to be buzzed in... it's one of those where you don't think anyone is living there... I was left standing outside the apartment door for a bit feeling a bit of a lemon after I'd knocked listening to the strains of Jeremy Kyle emanating from inside (a passion killer if ever there was one...  :sarcastic:)

Eventually Sienna opened the door and ushered me in.  This is where things took a turn for the much much better - Sienna is just my type - petite, brunette, blue eyes, busty - yum yum! She greeted me in stockings and matching underwear and showed me to the room.  The bedroom has had an upgrade since I last visited - there is a nicely appointed bed at one end that you stare wistfully at while being shown to the knackered mattress at the other end of the room.  We sorted paperwork then S left me to "get comfortable" while she went off to stash the cash.  I wasn't offered a shower so I guess I must have appeared clean and presentable...

I got nekkid and relaxed on the bed - the sheets weren't the cleanest but not enough to put me off.  S came back offered me a massage which I graciously declined as I wanted to get my hands on her.  She took her underwear off (left on the stockings - mmm) and joined me on the bed.  Within no time she had the old chap standing to attention (just using her hands) while I had a feel of her fabulous breasts, and there was some closed mouth kissing, then mac on, some baby oil liberally applied to him and she started riding me... she was very enthusiastic - a bit too much for me as I was in danger of popping very quickly - which would have been a disaster (for me) as it's a one pop in the 30 mins affair.  Thankfully I got her to slow down and then we changed to missionary so I could control the pace a bit.  That was the big positive for me... often when you see a girl for 30 mins they want to make you cum as quickly as possible so they can get you out the door and the next one in... none of that with S, I told her I didn't want to cum too quick, then she suggested we change position and let me control it... and didn't complain when I dragged it out as long as I could  ;)

After I finished she helped clean me up (obligatory baby wipes) then we had a nice chat before I left.  It turns out that they don't see many guys a day (out of preference) and can be a bit picky about who they let through the door.  They did work from Brum for a week but S said she didn't enjoy it as much... they're happier to have it a bit quieter in Bromsgrove.  Like the dirty dog I am once I knew that S and L were different girls working out of the same place, and both hot, of course I was thinking 3some! So I asked S whether it was a possibility... and unfortunately not  :dash: gutted.  I'm now wondering whether I could get away with seeing one of them for 30 mins, having a shower then seeing the other one for another 30 mins... that would be awesome... not as great as a 3sum, but still pretty awesome.

So in summary:

- bed was pretty awful
- closed mouth kissing (i.e. pecks)
- the old eyes closed looking either side during missionary - I always find that a little off putting...
- only covered oral on offer - I didn't go for any oral at all - didn't feel the need for it

- friendly and enthusiastic
- fantastic figure and pretty
- not a clock watcher
- definitely a no rush service
- nice (if not outstanding) vanilla gfe

If I was being picky... I would have really enjoyed a more passionate gfe with S, but then in the years I've been punting I think I've only found 4 girls that are really passionate, and I can't blame a girl that I've only just met for not being passionate with me.

And by passionate - I mean some proper kissing and maintaining eye contact during missionary - if that happened I wouldn't have been able to have lasted anywhere near as long as I did.

Still if I fancy the girl that goes a long way for me - and I really fancied S so I'm just looking for the excuse to return...

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