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    Offline mbyrnes

    Who: Wild_CHICK_19
    When: 06/2014
    Location: Willesden Green
    Cost: £90
    Duration: 1 hour
    Services I used: Regular sex (2 positions: mish, doggy)

    [[Link hidden, login to view]]

    Body: 7/10
    Face: 6/10
    Attitude: 0/10
    Service: 2/10
    Overall: 3/10

    This is the second of a series of three reviews with three different WGs in central London. For my second ever punt, I chose Wild_CHICK_19 in early June 2014. I liked her pictures, and the wording on her profile made her come across as a solid independent WG. Also, she was very clear that she didn't charge for extras and I was still waiting to try anal.

    Overall I had a pretty bad experience and I couldn't write a lot about the session even if I wanted to. After I text her to make the booking etc. she contacted me from a different number. She helped me find the location, which was very near Willesden Green tube station (only 2 minutes) and although her communication was good, she seemed impatient and with the benefit of hindsight, I should have taken this as a sign. Once I found the location and she opened the door in jean shorts and tank top.

    Given that my previous experience had been for the WG to open the door in lingerie, I was a little bit surprised. However, I thought that she might have been going for the girl next door look so I didn't think too much more about it. Anyway, she took me up to her room on the first floor of her shared house. It was clear to me that the other people around and they were used to this. Although I didn't meet anyone face to face, I could hear them just next door and it felt like it was a student house or something similar. At first I wasn't comfortable but after a few minutes, I got used to it.

    I asked her whether she had time for a one hour session, and at this point she remained very polite and said yes of course. I gave her £90 and confirmed no extras. This was my first mistake, since I didn't specify exactly what I wanted at the point of handing over the cash. I've learnt this lesson now. Anyway, once I had given her the money, she took her cat out of a cage (I hadn't realised it was in there at this point) and gave it to me. She then went upstairs to the second floor, for what felt like an age, leaving me to entertain the cat. Firstly, I didn't want to be stuck looking after a cat (what if I'd been allergic?) and secondly, she really did disappear for a long time.

    Eventually, when she came back, she wanted to talk to me about her cat, and paid much more attention to it than she did to me. Eventually she got undressed to reveal a nude coloured bra and basic underwear. Nothing sexy. She instructed me to get undressed, at which point I thought things might be looking up as she became very commanding. I was wrong. She was just trying to get the session over with as fast as possible. I'll admit that she did have a good figure, full natural breasts and not too much meat around her stomach. The benefits of being on the younger side, I think, probably early 20s. Shame I didn't really get to enjoy it.

    However, my hopes that things were looking up were dashed when she refused to give me OWO and tried to put the condom on my fairly flacid penis.... flacid because she hadn't even tried to touch it once, let alone kiss me or make any other form of bodily contact. She didn't even want to give a covered BJ. Trust me, I told her I wanted one and she simply refused. I'm in shape, clean and well maintained. She had no excuse. Her English was very good and she could understand me just fine. Eventually I did get hard mainly thanks to my own doing, and she was quick to encourage me to get going mish style. During sex she was vocal, but boring. Her noises were the only highlight of the event.

    After I came, she wanted to talk more about her cat, and was not interested at all in helping me get hard for a second time. I took the initiative and started on myself but everytime I went to touch her breasts or any other part of her body, she basically batted me away. The strangest thing was after a little while, she started masturabting herself and asked me to choke her, which I did. This was somewhat new to me, and although I enjoyed the novelty, I wasn't impressed that this session had become entirely about pleasing her, without any care to what excited me. I enjoy pleasing a women, but I don't enjoy paying to please a women who has no interest in whether this pleases me.

    Once it got to 45 minutes into the alloted time, mainly filled with her whining about being tired, I decided nothing more was going to happen and I should cut my losses. She even made a comment about how I had gotten a whole 50 minutes worth, as if this was more than I should have expected. At this point I explained very calmly that she needed to think more carefully about her attitude. She didn't like this, so I played the part and explained that I had sorted through all the girls on AW and picked her, and I would have been repeat business for many months if she'd had been better behaved. This caused her to think for a bit and she got my point, but it was too late.

    Overall, her attitude was terrible and it was very bad value for money. Stay clear.

    Well Obi Wan "This is not the pussy I payed for!"

    Bad luck on that punt. I am allergic to cats and would have not been happy if it happened to me. Thinking about it I have never punted where there was an obvious animal nearby. What a set up! Will certainly avoid.

    Offline mbyrnes

    I think in this case, if you pay £90 and expect to get OWO, CIM and anal with a fit 20 year old, you're also going to get scammed ;)

    Offline bigone

     Thanks for the review
    Sorry you had a bad punt
    Another one to avoid

    Offline mbyrnes

    Just wanted to make sure no one else had to go through that. You know you've caught a bad one when you're two thirds of the way through the sessions and you're already planning the negative review you want to write on here...

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