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Author Topic: Reading Festival - should the town be avoided?  (Read 933 times)

Still desperately trying to sort a punt for tomorrow and have a possible wg in mind but she is in Reading, not sure exactly which part yet.

I know there will be 1000s of festival goers descending on the town and wonder if it is a good idea to give Reading a wide berth this weekend?

Any locals able to advise?

Online Louise 100% British

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Traffic has been horrendous.
Took me an hour to get from caversham to train station at 5.30pm.

Cheers Louise, I guess that answers my question then - AVOID until Tues  :(

I only thought about congestion because my mate said the Reading train was packed with young people & tents!

Offline berksboy

    Yep deff stay out of reading to after the BH weekend is over.

Offline James999

Reading is a nightmare at the best of times, and for some reason one of the worst area's for fake profiles / scams, perhaps it has something to do with the M4 corridor and bored IT staff creating profiles on AW  :thumbsdown:

Offline daverfc

Its just full of romanian scam merchants at the moment.

All with similar profiles, a hell of a lot that offer bareback. Had a bait and switch a few months back and refuse to see anyone in those serviced apartments again.

Offline tomcat600

what area were those apartments?

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